Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

As I lay here in my pajamas I just wanted to say a few quick things.  I'm super thankful for all my family, friends, fiance, dogs, my stable job, my (almost stable) car, and my home.  But I'm also really thankful for this blog and the friends I've made because of it.  While I haven't met most of my blogger friends in real life, I feel a real connection and bond with so many of you.  Our love for similar things and our compulsion to write about them on the internet has actually bonded us more than I would have ever imagined.  So I just wanted to say thank you for everything.  You guys are seriously the best!

Okay, so enough with the mushy stuff.  I'm just showing you a preview of my Black Friday blog post tomorrow.  It's crazy that this time has come already!  If you are looking for a head start on your holiday shopping like me, make sure to check out Modcloth's 'Tis The Season Sale.  I've already scored a bunch of gifts for 50% off (and a little something for me).  I need to be a little more frugal this year so this sale is perfect.

I hope you enjoy your time with your family and feel just as guilty as I do when I overdose on turkey and ham tonight :)



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