Saturday, December 31, 2011

Amazing Day

Well, today is the last day of 2011 and it was beautiful!  The weather was perfect and it was a great day to to be out and about.  Kevin and I took our little baby (aka chihuahua) with us to run errands and we packed up and stored our Christmas stuff once again.  It was kind of sad, but we are ready for the new year :).  

Today I wanted to wear my new Steve Madden leopard print oxfords.  I have been wanting them for months and I finally found a few reasons to get them: a great Steve Madden holiday sale and some extra Christmas money.  While I enjoy the feminine look of a high heel, I really like to wear flats whenever I can.  So if I can pull off a cute dress with flats, I'll do it!  

Black dress- Forever 21 (15 dollars!)
Tights- H&M
Leopard print oxfords- Steve Madden
Leopard print watch- Betsey Johnson (last year's collection)
Gold lace clutch- Betsey Johnson
Leopard print headband- H&M

I'm going to have an alcohol free New Year's Eve since I'll be working tomorrow, but that doesn't mean I can't have fun or be an awesome designated driver ;).  Happy new year everyone and be safe!



Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Polka Dots

Today I decided to play with patterns and textures.  I've been pretty much obsessed with tights this season so I matched my floral patterned ones with black shorts and a polka dot bow top.  I also have bows on my heels to tie everything together :).  It was warm enough that a cardigan wasn't even necessary!

Bow top- Tucker for Target
Black high waist shorts- Urban Outfitters
Floral tights- Urban Outfitters
Bowed mary jane heels- Forever 21
Charm bracelet- Betsey Johnson

I'm just hoping this nice warm weather lasts throughout the weekend!



Monday, December 26, 2011

Makeup review: Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

As a woman who works with a face mask on (I work in an operating room) I tend to throw on some chapstick and call it a day.  But outside the workplace I love to play with all kinds of lip colors.  I have extremely dry skin so lip stains and lip pencils tend to exaggerate that flaw.  I mostly stick with glossy creme based lipsticks/glosses to achieve the color I'm looking for.  That is until now.  Urban Decay has created a super glossy lip pencil that can give you the precision of a pencil and the shine of a lip gloss.  What a perfect combination!

(image via

This pencil comes in 5 different shades.  I happened to purchase it in Crush which is a hot pink hue.  My next purchase will probably be in Punch Drunk which is a very bright orange.  All 5 of these colors are very vibrant so those who are looking for a hint of color may want to steer clear of this saturated pencil!  It retails at Sephora for 19 dollars and you can buy it here.  

This is how it looks in real life:

I'm very happy with my purchase because it's easy to apply and lasts a very long time without drying out.  Can't wait to get it in another shade!




Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!  Mine was busy but really nice.  I saw my family, went to Magic Mountain with my best friend, oh, and I also turned 28.  Scary!  Anyway, I was definitely feeling festive this weekend because I was inspired to wear some bright red jeans.  When I decide to go for something bold like a colored jean, I tend to mute out the rest of my outfit like I did here with the black top and blazer.  I also added some great black velvet wedges with a metallic heel. 

Kimichi Blue black 3/4 sleeve blazer- Urban Outfitters
Black racer back tank- Target
BDG red stretch jean- Urban Outfitters
Kimichi Blue brown braided belt- Urban Outfitters
Dolcetta by Dolce Vita black velvet wedges- Urban Outfitters
Silver charm necklace- Tiffany & Co.
Jeweled cocktail ring- Forever 21

Hopefully the weather stays nice so I can get a great New Year's Eve outfit together!



Thursday, December 22, 2011


To those that have seen my closets, you know how infested they are with dresses, skirts and shorts.  I love being girly and wearing them throughout all four seasons.  It can just get a little cold around this time of year.  So my solution is simple: wearing a pair of warm tights underneath!  Not only does it keep me warm, but you can get creative while adding a pop of color.

Plaid overcoat- by Closet (bought years ago)
Shirt- Forever 21
High waist shorts- Forever 21
Navy tights- by HUE (Macy's)
Mary Jane platforms- Forever 21
Bow ring- Betsey Johnson
Leopard heart necklace- Betsey Johnson

Not only is this a great winter staple outfit, every piece was at or under 50 bucks.  Nothing like looking great and not breaking the bank!



P.S. Special thanks to my new (and super cute) photographer/boyfriend Kevin!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I. Must. Have.

I first saw these heart suspender tights at Topshop but they quickly sold out.  Now ASOS has them in stock.  I think they would look great with a shorter A-line or tulip skirt.  I'm buying them right now!

(image courtesy of ASOS)




Site Updates!

Ever since I started this blog I've been missing two important things: a photographer and good camera.  I can happily say I now have both (thanks to my lovely boyfriend)!  So now my outfits, makeup, and so forth can be documented and displayed here starting this weekend.  Make sure and check back soon :)

Merry Christmas everyone!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Perfect Mascara!

Anybody who knows me personally can tell you that I have been on the hunt for the perfect lengthening, thickening, long wearing mascara for years.  Many mascaras will do one or two of those things, but will lack in other areas.  I have searched far and wide, tried all brands from all price ranges (5 to 40 bucks) and have finally found something I can say is amazing!  And the winner is:

(image via

They're Real! Mascara by Benefit.  At 22 dollars, it isn't the cheapest but it is my absolute favorite.  Not only does it make my lashes nice and long, it also thickens them and makes them look full as well.  While I have found cheaper mascaras that do that as well, most of them flake off on my face (ever have those black dots on your cheeks halfway though your shift at work?).  This mascara will last well past your shift at work and into the night.  Best part is you can add another coat to really make your eyes pop.  This mascara is called They're Real! for a reason... it really can substitute the need for fake lashes.  While I love to rock a fake lash from time to time, not having to glue them on and hope they stay on all night is no longer an issue.  I am truly in love!

You can find They're Real! at any Sephora or at a Benefit counter at Macy's.

(After two coats)



Monday, November 7, 2011

Thank You Yoga

For being fun and giving me the best body I've had in years!

Now if only I could give up the sweets...



Sunday, October 30, 2011

My New Favorite Beauty Product

While I don't wear a ton of makeup on a day to day basis, I love makeup!  I love finding a new great mascara (still working on that by the way), a great mineral powder, and my favorite: a perfect lip gloss.  I tend to go for a more natural look, something that looks flawless without trying too hard.  I may own a few tubes of "lipstick", but I never ever wear it.  My ideal lip gloss is moisturizing, not too sticky, and something with a hint of color.  Well I can say that I've finally found it!

Yves Saint Laurent has an amazing Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm Crystal Color gloss.  While it is pricey (30 bucks at Sephora and available here) it is worth every penny.  They even offer everything from a nude gloss to a cherry gloss which has a good amount of pigment and can easily be replaced for lipstick.  My personal favorite is the Dewy Papaya, a nude color with a hint of peach.  It lasts for about 8 hours and really moisturizes my always chapped lips.  I don't even have to put on chapstick before the gloss, it's like a two in one!  So far, I can't find anything I don't like about this product.

So if you're like me and on the hunt for a great gloss, head over to Sephora and try it for yourself.  Let me know what you think!

Now it's time to the perfect lengthening non-flaking mascara...



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love of my life

Ever since my beloved Brownie (the chihuahua I had since I was 9) passed away at 16 years old, I was completely broken.  I never had a family pet who meant that much to me.  I thought I would never love anything as much as I loved him.  I didn't even want to get another dog.  I grieved for a really long time, and to be honest, I still do on occasion.

After about a year I started warming up to the idea of getting another dog.  I had moved away from my family and missed the house full of dogs.  I lived alone for the most part and really wanted the companionship a little dog could provide.  I started looking at adoption websites for the perfect one.  I knew I wanted to rescue, I just wouldn't feel right purchasing a dog when there are literally thousands of dogs who needed homes. Looking at those websites made me cry.  There were abandoned and sometimes brutally abused chihuahuas of all shapes and sizes with their pictures on the screen.  It was so hard to get through it, but I knew I was going to find my perfect little chihuahua this way.

Then I saw a picture of a cute little grey chihuahua on a rescue website.  The second I saw him I knew I was in love!  He was from downtown LA and had been thrown over a fence into a neighbor's yard.  The woman who found him turned him over to Dawg Squad and was being fostered and waiting for a permanent home.  

I immediately filled out a lengthy application to adopt little "Fendi".  After being contacted, I was then scheduled to meet him along with his foster mom Gillian.  I was so nervous!  I just wanted Gillian to like me so badly because I couldn't imagine having another dog.  I knew he was mine.  Meeting him for the first time made me feel pure joy.  He was timid, let me hold him and seemed like the most perfect little dog.  I wanted to take him home right then!

After our meeting Gillian let me know she approved of me adopting him.  I was so happy!  I had to wait a few weeks to have Paczki (he was renamed) home.  I bought so many toys, beds, treats, and clothes for the little guy.  I was counting the days until he came home.

On February 28th, 2011 Paczki was officially mine.  He seemed a little weirded out to be at his new home, but he quickly adjusted.  I felt like my life was instantly fulfilled.  I honestly can't remember my life without him.  He makes me so happy and he replaced the piece of my heart that was missing.  He is my everything.

I know some people might think it's crazy to love an animal that much.  I can really appreciate the love a pet has for their owner.  It's a completely selfless and unconditional love.  I can't think of one human who possesses those qualities throughout their life.  It's been almost eight months since Paczki has come home and my love for him has done nothing but grown.  I love coming home to him and look forward to spending the next ten plus years with my little guy.



Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not Ready To Give Up Summer

Summer may have gone, but in California it stays nice and warm well into winter.  This gives me time to wear my lovely summer Betsey collection even longer :).  I really love this blue tiered dress, I love any of Betsey Johnson's dresses with taffeta.  I also love the gradient tye-dye like color.  

 The skirt is a lot more full looking in real life!

 I wanted to pair the dress with a dressier shoe, but something that still had that girly touch (along with a lot of sparkle).

 And of course, I had to add my pink and white striped Betsey wristlet!
I love this outfit for a nice night out, maybe a special occasion.  It looks even better with a nice black peacoat draped over it (but I have yet to get my coats out of storage).  What kind of looks will you be sporting this fall?



Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Joys of...


This is what happens when one person is allergic to bananas and the other enjoys them.

They go bad.  So bad it's not even banana bread-worthy.  I'm thinking Kevin should switch to apples...



Saturday, August 6, 2011


Have a taste for name brand fashion but hate spending your whole paycheck on one item?  Well, if you haven't signed up for Swirl by Daily Candy yet then you're missing out!  Totally my secret to looking great without breaking the bank.  This site is amazing, they offer name brand fashions for half price, sometimes even more!  I've used this site plenty of times, and they have new designer sales every week so the inventory is constantly changing.  They have everything from Winter Kate by Nicole Richie, Alice + Olivia, Theme, and so much more.  Plus they also sell shoes and handbags.  It's a great way to add quality items to your closet without feeling buyer's remorse.  I have to say, I've never paid more than 100 dollars for any single item.  So if you want to check it out, sign up and you'll start saving!



Friday, August 5, 2011

Dear Luella Bartley:

Please come back!  You are such an amazing fashion designer and I miss seeing your tulip skirts down the runway :(

(images via tumblr and google)



Thursday, August 4, 2011

Amy Amy Amy

I just happened to be thumbing through this weeks' Entertainment Weekly and noticed their remembrance article on Amy Winehouse.  As someone who was a constant listener to both her albums (for those who don't know, Amy had an album before her famous Back to Black album came out which is also pretty amazing) I really enjoyed reading about her amazing talent and her unfortunate troubled life.  I never met her, but I felt really connected to her music.  Her voice was so powerful and passionate and you could tell she really felt and believed every word she sang.  It's so sad that she's no longer here to make more beautiful music, but at least her soul is at peace.  I will be listening to (and singing along with) your music forever.

RIP Amy.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Loving This

If you haven't had the chance to listen to Lady Gaga's new album Born This Way, I highly suggest you do so.  At first I wasn't too excited about the album because of her choice in singles... But the album in it's entirety is just amazing! It's a great dance record with great beats, and the songs themselves are positive and fun.  I haven't been able to listen to anything else since it came out 2 weeks ago. Here is my favorite song, Heavy Metal Lover:

You can listen to her whole album on her YouTube channel if you're not convinced and/or don't want to buy the album itself.  But it's really great!  



Thursday, June 2, 2011

Betsey Johnson Swimwear 2011

Although here in southern California it hasn't really felt like summer, the new swimwear collections are all ready to go.  While trying on my swimsuits from summer's past, I realized that none of them fit me properly anymore.  I should be happy... It does mean I've lost a few pounds and I have an excuse to get a new swimsuit!

Obviously, my first place to look was at Betsey Johnson.  She really captures my girlie style without making me look too young.  While I have yet to purchase a swimsuit, I would like to show you guys my favorite styles.

This bikini top is absolutely adorable!  I love the red and white ribbon across the chest, almost reminds me of a picnic table.  Probably why this is called the Picnic bikini...

One of the things I love most about Betsey's swimwear is that there are always options.  In this case, you can choose from the skirt bottom (my personal favorite) or the regular bikini bottom.  The bows on the hips are such a great touch!

This is their Swan Lake series, and I really love the lace.  I would have a hard time deciding on either the regular top on the bandeau...

And of course, the skirt bottom would be my pick.

(all images via

For those of you who don't like to wear bikinis, Betsey also makes great tankinis and one pieces.  This one is my favorite.  I love the pattern and the bows on the chest.

Well, I have a lot to choose from this year.  Now I just have to try them on and pick the perfect one :)


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