Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not Ready To Give Up Summer

Summer may have gone, but in California it stays nice and warm well into winter.  This gives me time to wear my lovely summer Betsey collection even longer :).  I really love this blue tiered dress, I love any of Betsey Johnson's dresses with taffeta.  I also love the gradient tye-dye like color.  

 The skirt is a lot more full looking in real life!

 I wanted to pair the dress with a dressier shoe, but something that still had that girly touch (along with a lot of sparkle).

 And of course, I had to add my pink and white striped Betsey wristlet!
I love this outfit for a nice night out, maybe a special occasion.  It looks even better with a nice black peacoat draped over it (but I have yet to get my coats out of storage).  What kind of looks will you be sporting this fall?



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