Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hello, Sunshine


I never realized how lucky I am to enjoy the Los Angeles weather every day until Jessica and Jess came to visit.  While we were shopping the day away in sunny California, their hometown in Ohio was dealing with a blizzard.  I loved that the weather was perfect last week because we had the chance to meet with Erica of Sweets and Hearts, another Flock Together member.  I feel like we all have a special bond and it's even better when the opportunity to meet in person is real.  We had a great lunch at the Grove in Hollywood and then shopped the second hand stores on Melrose.  Of course we had to pull over on a random street to take some outfit photos with Jessica's amazing new camera :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Endearingly Yours


Another day, another great swap from a Flock Together gal.  This time around I had the chance to style a deer printed dress from Erica of Sweets and Hearts.  If it's printed with some type of animal, I'm interested.  I seriously could not tell you where the attraction lies but I long for a closet full of cute creatures printed on even cuter dresses.  Thankfully, Erica is just a short drive away from me so borrowing this gem again is most likely in my future.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Inspiration: Flock Together Edition

It's probably no surprise that most of my inspiration comes from other bloggers.  I love finding ways to freshen up my wardrobe, learn great makeup tips, and discover some new yummy recipes.  I can't help but focus on my lovely Flock Together ladies because I think they're all pretty fantastic in their own ways.  Here is just a few of the many things about them that inspire me ♥

Hannah's flower crowns

How cute is this flower crown?  Hannah of Braided Bandit makes them herself and I've been dying for one of my own!  I'm not so secretly hoping she starts selling them in her store ;)

Jenna's heart print tights

If you missed Jenna of Smitten's Heart Month feature in February, I suggest you take a look.  Not only did she have cute inspired outfits, but she also shared her amazing story about her personal connection to Heart Month.  I immediately feel in love with these tights.  They are the cutest!

Katherine's Book of Deer dress

Okay, so she may not be in Flock Together anymore, but she's an original member and will always be one to me.  While I would love nothing more than to live out of Katherine of Of Corgis and Cocktails' closet, this dress has a special place in my heart.  It looks absolutely amazing on her!  I also love how she and Katie of Coeurs de Foxes did a shared post together.  From the US to Poland, they both have wonderful style :)

7 swaps 125
Jessi's gorgeous hair

I can't help it, I totally have hair envy!  Jessi of Haircut and General Attitude has such beautiful hair.  I really love it when she wears it straight, which is weird because I hate wearing mine straight.  She knows how to wear it perfectly!

Jessica's "rehabbing" skills

Jessica of Midwest Muse has quite a closet filled with vintage and thrifted finds.  But what she does best is reworking these finds to make them fabulous.  Can you believe this dress was once floor length?  I wish I had the eye for a diamond piece in the rough.

I'm so happy to know such wonderful girls!  What bloggers inspire you?



Sunday, March 24, 2013

Flower Child


So I'm going to step outside of the box for a minute.  If you know me, you will probably say I'm not a free spirited flower child.  It's true!  I tend to be uptight, incredibly organized, and aware of everyone and everything around me.  I have a life full of rituals and routines and I couldn't imagine myself any other way.  People may see it as weird and even a little exhausting but I'm completely happy that way.  That being said, it's nice to put that away for a few minutes and do something unplanned.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Dress Wishlist

Now that spring is in full effect, I can officially proclaim it dress season!  Okay, so maybe I wear dresses every season, but I love wearing floral prints and pastel colors during the spring months.  Lulu's has some wonderful dresses perfect for this season and here are my top picks:


I seriously don't want mint to go away!  I love the floral detail on the top and the tulle bottom.  This is a great piece to dress up or down and that cute sparkly belt is included :).

Floral wrap dress

I think wrap dresses look amazing on women of all shapes and sizes.  The print of this particular dress is gorgeous and a statement piece on its own.

Polka dot frock

This fit and flare dress is a great staple with a timeless print.  I would love to pair this with some colorful accessories and an over the top flower crown!

Looking for the perfect spring dress of your own?  Order from from now until Sunday and use the coupon code CABELLE for 15% off your entire order!  A great start to the weekend, don't you think?  Happy shopping!



Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring for Spring


It's official!  Spring is here!  I couldn't be more excited about it.  Here in California spring is more like a midwest summer which is perfectly fine with me.  My coats can go back into storage (so happy about that) and my tights fade out for bare leg season (not so happy about that).  Deb Shops let me pick out a perfect spring outfit and this is what I came up with.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Flock Together: Emerald With Envy


It's that time again!  I'm blogging over at Flock Together today, this time I'm showing off Elana's gorgeous August Wrinkle dress.  Do you want to see more?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

What's on my radar: Current Loves

So, I may be on a shopping ban (unless it's needed) for an indefinite amount of time but that doesn't mean I can't window shop!  Or in this case, computer screen shop.  I can't help but look and see what's out there.  I have done my rounds on my favorite sites and these items are definitely something I would love to love!

Handmade mermaid dress:


Caitlin Shearer is one talented lady!  I first discovered her shop through Elana of Room 334 when she posted her girl scout dress (you can find that here).  I'm pretty much obsessed with anything she makes and I love the mermaid print so much!

Tea lover cup and saucer set:


This set from Ruche is the absolute cutest!  I'm big on drinking loose leaf tea so naturally I wanted to purchase this set the minute it went up on their site.  Not only are the colors super cute, but the interior is actually heart shaped too!  It's all in the details, right?

Tulle skirt:


I've been dying for a tea length tulle skirt for quite some time.  Some people think you can't wear this everyday.  Definitely not me!  Sweet Pea and Buttercup makes the perfect tulle skirt for a great price.  Plus, it's custom made so it can bee as full as you want and would fit you like a dream!  I would love to pair this with a tank top and a cute cardigan and some mary jane heels.

Chihuahua charm necklace:


I actually bought something very similar for my sister for Christmas.  Since she's a Boston Terrier owner and lover, I gave her a necklace to match her babies.  I love that Crave Jewelry Design makes these necklaces in all kinds of furry friends, in case you're not much of a chihuahua lover :)

I love discovering new stores (especially on Etsy) and finding one of a kind items.  Do you have a favorite shop?  I'd love to hear about it!



Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wandering in Wonderland


A couple of weeks ago I did something I love to but rarely do.  I went through my "fancy dress" closet.  It's in my spare bedroom along with my shoe collection, my jewelry, and a few suits that my husband convinced me to squish in.  It also holds my prized possessions: my Betsey Johnson dresses.  Most of them were bought on sale, some still have tags on them, and some were gifts from my ex boyfriend.  I wish I had more reasons/events to wear them to, but much like an old wedding dress, they just sit in my closet wrapped in their pretty pink dress bags.  Now, I don't usually post outfits that I wouldn't wear everyday, but I figured these dresses needed to see the light of day (and my blog) every once in awhile.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Makeup Review: Sephora Cream Lip Stain

 photo s1323138-main-hero.jpg
(image via Sephora)
I know it's been much too long since I've written a makeup post, but if you've ever read my previous posts I'm always on the hunt for a great pink lip shade.  Unfortunately, I have really chapped lips so lipstick (especially matte shades) tends to flake off pretty quickly.  Lip gloss is great for hydrating my lips but the pigment of the color is rarely comparable to lipstick.  Can you see my dilemma?  Well I've done a little research and I found something that I would consider "blog worthy".

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ruled by Secrecy


 Oh, Elana.  I love your wardrobe so much.  I feel so lucky to be a part of Flock Together because I get to borrow so many of your outfits.  You may be in Illinois, but your dresses are getting much use over here in California.  This vintage dress is one of my favorites from Elana's closet.  I love the silk and the lace detail.  It's half cute dress and half sexy nightie.  Not gonna lie, I wore this a few times before I sent it back.  If only I had taken pictures to show you how I remixed it.  Maybe I'll just have to borrow it again :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Out of the Ordinary


Yep, it's true.  I'm wearing pants.  This isn't a very common occurrence but I felt like challenging myself today and pants was the best/hardest way to do it.  Not only do I think pants make my hourglass figure look misshapen, but I have a hard time putting together a cute outfit that also feels feminine.  I'm most comfortable when my legs are free from constricting jean material so you can see why I considered this a challenge!  Either way, I was up for it and I feel this outfit is feminine enough for me.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Flock Together: Bright Like Sunshine

I've posted another look over on the Flock Together blog today.  This time, I'm styling Erica's gorgeous Sugarlips dress.  Make sure you stop by to check out the full post here!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Like the Wind


Hope you are having a wonderful March so far!  I figured it was a new month so changing my hair would be a great way to start it off.  Most of the red is out and I now have a copper tone with hints of pink.  I absolutely love it!  I'm also loving this new cropped blazer from August Wrinkle.  I tend to brighten up my LBD with colors and prints, so naturally I went for mint and polka dots.  The dress screams winter while the blazer and bag are perfect for spring.  Which also reflects the current limbo of seasons right now.  Are you ready for spring like I am?

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