Thursday, December 31, 2015

Favorite Outfits of 2015

Can you Believe 2015 is almost over?  Every year I like to put together a list of my favorite outfits...  Except this year there were way too many to choose from!  I love having my blog and this lovely archive of how my style has evolved.  Some of it is embarrassing, but I wouldn't change a thing!  So here's my 2015 in the form of my personal style:

Southern California Belle Outfits 2015
Southern California Belle Outfits 2015

Southern California Belle Outfits 2015
Mother and Child / All Aboard / Geronimo / Sing It Again / Chase the Clouds Away / Brandy Rose / Golightly / Amanda / Black and White

Southern California Belle Outfits 2015
Mermaid Lagoon / Juicy Orange / Oriental Nights / Changes / Atomic / Darling Dee Dee / Tiki Dreams / Summer Bouquet / First Bloom

Southern California Belle Outfits 2015
Singing Solitude / Teal Harlequin / Blogs, Besties + Brooches / Navy Lilac / Heart In A Cage / Mine This Time / When Decades Collide / Monster Madness / Lip Service

Southern California Belle Outfits 2015
Fleur De Lis / Roosevelt / Long Gone / Darling Dames / Idle Hands / Venus / Greeting Temptation / Revel In Nostalgia / Painted City

Southern California Belle Outfits 2015

Saving Grace / Lift Off! / Borrowed Time / Chrysanthemum / Poppy Fields / Misfit / Jailbird / Deck The Halls / Blue December

I hope you have a safe and happy new year!  I can't wait to see what's in store for 2016!



Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pop Champagne

Bernie Dexter Paris Dress in New Year's Eve Print

There really should be a dress for every occasion.  That's why I love Bernie Dexter and her New Year's Eve print.  I've raved about her Paris dresses for years, but this print is my very favorite.  I have such a love affair with border prints and I can't get over how stunning this one is, even from afar!  While this dress really is perfect for tomorrow, I can see myself putting this on more than once a year.  It's just too pretty!

Monday, December 28, 2015


Pinup Girl Clothing Deadly Dames Misfit Dress in Black

Sometimes I feel like I can see my style evolving.  Thanks to this Misfits dress (and lots of other Deadly Dames styles) I've been able to embrace and appreciate my mom-bod and feel sexy when I want to.  I've never been one to show lots of cleavage, but this dress feels modest thanks to the high neckline but showcases your bust in the most flattering of ways.  As soon as I put it on I knew it was coming home with me.  Kevin and I haven't properly celebrated my birthday like we were supposed to, so I think this is going to be my outfit for the occasion!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Deck The Halls


I can't even pretend like I'm not excited about tomorrow!  Not only is it Christmas, but it's also my birthday.  I usually choose not to celebrate my birthday on the actual date, only because it gets steamrolled by the other festivities going on.  Kevin decided to take me out to dinner this Saturday to celebrate and I'm really looking forward to that.  But of course, I'm most excited about seeing Bianca's face when she opens up her gifts.  She's at an age where she can understand and enjoy the holidays and I just feel so lucky that I get to experience that with her.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What's On My Radar: Current Loves

The Christmas clock is ticking!  Since my birthday and Christmas are together, I get a little more excited than most and kick up quite a huge wishlist.  Here's my favorite clothing, makeup, and accessory picks for the best holiday of the year!

Pinup Girl Clothing
1. Misfits Dress

PUG is killing it with these new dresses!  That Monica mermaid dress is just a dream come true and the new Downtown Dame faux leather dress is pink perfection.  I need to start getting out more to justify these fancy pretties!

Betsey Johnson
1. Wild Thing Satin Set

Not gonna lie, if I'm at home I'm living in pajamas.  I'm a huge fan of Betsey Johnson pajamas, my favorite pair is five years old and they're still in wonderful condition.  I love the print of the Winter Wonderland flannels, they look so comfy!

Kate Spade
1. Charm Heels
2. Sugarcoated Stone Ring

Who doesn't like Kate Spade?!  That champagne bottle clutch is the perfect piece for my New Year's Eve outfit, I can't get enough of it!

1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit

I'm quite the makeup addict and I can't leave a Sephora without something.  I can always add a new brush to my collection and the new Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette looks so pretty!


My poor husband knows how much I love Sanrio.  I have a collection of Hello Kitty plushies (which now belong in Bianca's room), kitchen appliances, and I even have a tattoo!  I love the Sanrio/Loungefly handbag collection, I can definitely see myself working that satchel into my everyday life :).

Are you excited for Christmas?  How are you spending your holidays?



Monday, December 21, 2015


Pinup Girl Clothing Deadly Dames Deadly Curves Skirt in Black Faux Leather Jailbird Top in Black and White Stripe Deer Arrow Snowflake Brooch

I've returned from an unexpected blogging break.  If you follow me on Instagram, I mentioned that I had been a bit overwhelmed with a fun but busy week.  Bianca and I enjoyed a day at Disneyland, Kevin and I went to see Muse, we attended a fancy holiday party, and I worked a few shifts.  As much as I love to keep up with my posts here, sometimes it's necessary to step away and enjoy the life I have offline.  After almost five years of blogging, I felt like a week away was much deserved!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Wine Red

Pinup Girl Clothing Pinup Couture Jenny Skirt in Red Sharksin Taffeta Laura Byrnes Sabrina Top in Black Deer Arrow Brooch

What a fun few days!  I had an unexpected weekend off from work, thanks to my lovely boss.  Kevin and I hosted the family Christmas party this year and it was a huge hit.  We even had Santa stop by!  Bianca got her very first present from Santa and she loved it.  If that joy is anything like what Christmas will be like, I literally cannot wait to watch her open the rest.  Without a doubt, Christmas with Bianca is better than any other Christmas I've ever had as a kid (and those were pretty awesome).

Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: The Vintage Enthusiast

Since the holidays are right around the corner, I wanted to put together a gift guide for people like me (and the many I know and love).  Here's lots of fun gift ideas, both vintage and vintage inspired, that's perfect for any budget!

The Vintage Studio
1. 50's Novelty Circle Skirt
2. 60's Floral Dress
3. 60's Leopard Print Coat
4. 80's Victor Costa Dress
5. 50's Fruit Print Skirt

The Vintage Studio has no shortage of vintage goodies from many different eras.  There's nothing like getting a one of a kind piece!  I'm quite enamored with the 50's section, I just wish I had about 50 more proms to attend so I could buy them all!

Geronimo Vintage
1. 60's Lanz Dress
5. Blue 50's Dress

Geronimo has no shortage of novelty prints, which means I'm in vintage heaven!  That tartan dress is calling my name, isn't it the perfect holiday dress?

1. Two Door Accent Table
5. Mid Century Modern Coffee Table

Not going to lie, this is basically my living room wish list.  Can you believe this is all from Target?!  I love the simplistic nature to vintage/vintage inspired furniture.  Less is always more (unless we're looking in my closet)!

1. Deck The Halls Wreath Brooch
5. Shake, Rattle and Roll Brooch

Erstwilder has their Christmas brooch game on point!  I love the gingerbread man (I wear him all the time) and I'm hoping to collect all their holiday inspired brooches so I can add them to my ever growing brooch board.

Pinup Girl Clothing
1. Jailbird Top In Black
5. Chevron Purse

The Veronica dress is now back in stock, which means it would be perfect for those upcoming holiday parties!  I'm also loving the solid color Jailbird tops, I'm trying my hardest not to purchase them all...

I have yet to finish Christmas shopping, but I know exactly what I need to get.  Have you finished?  What's still on your list?



Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Virtual Christmas Party

Unique Vintage Iconic by UV Dovima Gown in Emerald

It's the most wonderful time of the year which means we have another Girl Squad Style post for you!  We wanted to do things a little fancier this time, so Sammi, Amanda, Katie, and I put on some of our favorite dresses and pinned on our cutest holiday brooches from Deer Arrow.  Since we can't be together during the holidays, we're getting dolled up like we would for a virtual Christmas party!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Black and Tan

Pinup Girl Clothing Pinup Couture Lolita Top in Black Velvet

I'm gearing up for quite a busy month (aren't we all?) which includes hosting a Christmas party this weekend, taking a mini vacation, figuring out what to do for my birthday, and getting all of Bianca's birthday plans worked out.  I thrive off of high stress situations like these, probably because I know the outcome will be memorable in the end.  I'm most excited about Bianca's Disneyland birthday trip.  I've already made special reservations and locked down some matching custom skirts for the occasion.  We all know the outfit is a very important part of this day!

Friday, December 4, 2015


Lil' Lou Lou Rocket Ads Skirt Mommy and Me

I'm so proud of Bianca, this little lady was fighting a cold and still managed to give me a few smiles in our matching outfits!  Much like her mommy, she loves getting dressed up, especially if it involves a "pretty dress".  These matching Jivin' skirts from Lil' Lou Lou are quickly becoming a favorite, because there's nothing better than wearing a kitschy novelty print!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Blue December

Bernie Dexter Paris Dress in Blue Toile Print

I enjoy "winterizing" my vintage/vintage inspired wardrobe, probably because it doesn't take more than an added layer to be fully prepared here in California.  I have quite the collection of cardigans, which get lots of use this time of year.  This blue toile Bernie Dexter dress has always been a favorite and I was more than excited to style it for this time of year.  Some people think light blue/pastels are only for spring, but when put this outfit together my mind immediately thought, "ice queen".  I consider that a compliment!
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