Saturday, February 26, 2011

As I get older...

I realize how important it is to take care of your skin.  Since I was about 18, I was all about the tanning salon.  I had a membership for years!  I associated beauty with a darker skin color (and of course I loved the way it made my abs look).

Now at 27, I'm more concerned with wrinkles!  It's all about slowing down the aging process, especially around my face.  I gave up the tanning about a year ago and embraced the lighter skinned me :).  I also started using a facial and under eye moisturizer daily.  In addition to the moisturizers, I wash my face twice a day and twice a week with a facial scrub.  Using a toner after I wash and before I moisturize seems to get all the old cells and dirt that the face wash didn't catch.

After a year of my new routine, I have definitely seen the difference in my skin.  Not only have I reduced the depth of my "crow's feet", but my skin just seems to glow.  While I didn't have too many breakouts, they have gone down to almost nothing.  And because of the quality of my skin, I've stopped using foundation makeup on my face and only use a mineral powder.  I can't believe the difference it has made!  If you don't believe me, take a look for yourself:

No makeup or retouching (just excuse the bad hair day, I just woke up!).  It's obvious to me now how important it is to take care of my skin.  Let's just hope I don't see the effects of all that tanning later in life!



Thursday, February 17, 2011


This Betsey jumper needs to be in my closet!

(images via

I can think of a million ways to wear this... I just love it!



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rainy Day

This day mixed with rain and gloomy clouds made me want to stay in my pajamas in bed all day!  But since it was a workday, I had to dress up nice and warm (according to Los Angeles standards).

Peacoat and scarf Forever 21

 Jeans H&M

 Long sleeved shirt H&M

 Earrings Betsey Johnson

Ring Betsey Johnson

If you can't tell, I love everything nautical! I live in skinny jeans and and t-shirts, so when it gets a little colder I like to change it up with cardigans and the occasional peacoat.  Jewelry is always a great way to make an outfit pop, so I always opt for an over sized cocktail ring.  Casual and warm without trying too hard :)



Thursday, February 10, 2011

Achieving a yoga body

While it can be considered difficult, I feel like yoga has so many more benefits than sweating it out at the gym.  I have had a gym membership for years and pretty much hated going every single time.  While there are many different machines and classes there, nothing beats the idea of rolling out my sticky mat in my apartment and working out from home. 

I became interested in yoga when I noticed my cable "On Demand" system had a few videos in their archive.  The first time I tried it I enjoyed it because it didn't really feel like I was working out... Until the next morning.  Every muscle in my body was sore!  So I kept playing those videos.  Every day.  After a few weeks I started realizing my muscles getting lean and defined, and any problem areas getting smaller.  Plus my flexibility had greatly increased and much of my stress had melted away.  It was amazing!

The more interested I became, the more I understood the concept of the practice.  Most of the practice is your breath, and how guiding your breath can push your body to the next level physically.  It also incorporates poses and stretches to help detoxify your body and engage muscles you probably never use.

There are also several types of yoga.  Some people enjoy a cool down relaxing type of practice.  Others enjoy the intense cardio kind.  There's even "hot yoga" for those who really like to sweat it out and make the most of their workout.  I personally like my cardio style yoga, but depending on the day I switch from time to time.

Diet is also a crucial part to any type of weight loss regimen. Thankfully I have a physical trainer/yoga enthusiast sister to point me in the right direction.  She introduced me to the book The Yoga Body Diet.  Not only does it have recipes, it also informs you what type of yoga your body most benefits from, as well as workout plans.  It's my yoga bible!  If you are interested in reading more about this book, click here.

I hope I've given you a little look into the yoga way.  I haven't been back to the gym since I've started yoga, and I've never looked better!  Who knew something you like so much could actually be good for you...



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Such an exciting time...

My boyfriend and I have decided to adopt a doggie in need of a home.  Since Kevin will be home at the end of the month, this would be the best time to adopt and have our new addition to the family adjust to both parents :).  We've decided to go with a chihuahua which happens to be my favorite dog.  I had an amazing chihuahua for over 16 years before he passed last February.  If you didn't know, chihuahuas are often taken to the pound and euthanized because owners are unaware of their temperament.  While there are exceptions, many chihuahuas enjoy being in a home without children.  They look cute and tiny, but they are definitely alpha dogs!  

We've found a couple we really like (and one I absolutely fell in love with) so the application process has begun!  Adopting a dog is much like adopting a child.  They have lengthy applications, contact many references, and make a visit to your house to make sure the dog is being placed in a good home with a good family.  While it all takes time, the end result is worth the wait :)

I'm just incredibly excited and I can't wait to have a little puppy running around our place!

My best friend, Brownie Nugget Pistone 1993-2010


Monday, February 7, 2011

I Heart Vintage

I didn't even realize that all the clothes I am wearing today are great vintage finds.  I'm a sucker for a high waist jean (not the Jessica Simpson kind) and I paired it with a ruffled tuxedo tank and an amazing beaded cardigan.  To make it a little more dressy I wore some almond colored heels I bought from Urban Originals and added a sparkly pearl bracelet and a large cocktail ring (my favorite jewelry staple).  If you enjoy the hunt for great vintage finds, there are plenty of great stores on Ventura Blvd here in the valley.  I tend to buy most of my vintage pieces on Etsy.  It's a gamble since you can't try anything on, but it's nothing a good tailor can't fix :)

These shoes are cute, comfortable, and under 40 bucks!

I am in love with this cardigan <3

You can really see the beaded detail in this picture. 

 Perfect outfit to transform from daytime (with cute colored ballerina flats) to night time (with jewelry and heels).  I know I hate spending my night trying to find another outfit... It's so much easier to add/change accessories and go!



Sunday, February 6, 2011

In honor of the Puppy Bowl today...

I decided to hang out with a few puppies that I love.  My sister has two Boston Terriers that I just adore, so we all took advantage of this beautiful day.  My boyfriend and I are looking into getting a puppy (chihuahua) of our own next month, so I need to practice my mommy skills!

 Oliver is such a ham!

 I think he was using me for shade...

 The beautiful Penelope.

 Brother and sister together...

And if you can see it, both my sister and I together.  I like this one because you can see Christina through the window :)

This was a really nice and relaxing weekend.  Now it's back to work tomorrow!



My First Blog

Well, today is Superbowl Sunday. Which to me means absolutely nothing.  This lazy day has inspired me to start my own blog... And maybe do some online window shopping!

If you know me at all, you are aware of my obsession of all things Betsey Johnson.  I went to the local Betsey a few weeks ago and the girls made me aware of their new collection coming out. I checked it out online just now and found a few good pieces.

 (images via

As you can see they're choosing to do a Spring collection in black and whites, which I totally adore.  Can't wait to play dress up and try them on!

Until then, I'll be enjoying this amazing day.  Perfect 75 degrees!  Here is a view from my bedroom balcony:


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