Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Such an exciting time...

My boyfriend and I have decided to adopt a doggie in need of a home.  Since Kevin will be home at the end of the month, this would be the best time to adopt and have our new addition to the family adjust to both parents :).  We've decided to go with a chihuahua which happens to be my favorite dog.  I had an amazing chihuahua for over 16 years before he passed last February.  If you didn't know, chihuahuas are often taken to the pound and euthanized because owners are unaware of their temperament.  While there are exceptions, many chihuahuas enjoy being in a home without children.  They look cute and tiny, but they are definitely alpha dogs!  

We've found a couple we really like (and one I absolutely fell in love with) so the application process has begun!  Adopting a dog is much like adopting a child.  They have lengthy applications, contact many references, and make a visit to your house to make sure the dog is being placed in a good home with a good family.  While it all takes time, the end result is worth the wait :)

I'm just incredibly excited and I can't wait to have a little puppy running around our place!

My best friend, Brownie Nugget Pistone 1993-2010


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