Sunday, October 30, 2011

My New Favorite Beauty Product

While I don't wear a ton of makeup on a day to day basis, I love makeup!  I love finding a new great mascara (still working on that by the way), a great mineral powder, and my favorite: a perfect lip gloss.  I tend to go for a more natural look, something that looks flawless without trying too hard.  I may own a few tubes of "lipstick", but I never ever wear it.  My ideal lip gloss is moisturizing, not too sticky, and something with a hint of color.  Well I can say that I've finally found it!

Yves Saint Laurent has an amazing Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm Crystal Color gloss.  While it is pricey (30 bucks at Sephora and available here) it is worth every penny.  They even offer everything from a nude gloss to a cherry gloss which has a good amount of pigment and can easily be replaced for lipstick.  My personal favorite is the Dewy Papaya, a nude color with a hint of peach.  It lasts for about 8 hours and really moisturizes my always chapped lips.  I don't even have to put on chapstick before the gloss, it's like a two in one!  So far, I can't find anything I don't like about this product.

So if you're like me and on the hunt for a great gloss, head over to Sephora and try it for yourself.  Let me know what you think!

Now it's time to the perfect lengthening non-flaking mascara...



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love of my life

Ever since my beloved Brownie (the chihuahua I had since I was 9) passed away at 16 years old, I was completely broken.  I never had a family pet who meant that much to me.  I thought I would never love anything as much as I loved him.  I didn't even want to get another dog.  I grieved for a really long time, and to be honest, I still do on occasion.

After about a year I started warming up to the idea of getting another dog.  I had moved away from my family and missed the house full of dogs.  I lived alone for the most part and really wanted the companionship a little dog could provide.  I started looking at adoption websites for the perfect one.  I knew I wanted to rescue, I just wouldn't feel right purchasing a dog when there are literally thousands of dogs who needed homes. Looking at those websites made me cry.  There were abandoned and sometimes brutally abused chihuahuas of all shapes and sizes with their pictures on the screen.  It was so hard to get through it, but I knew I was going to find my perfect little chihuahua this way.

Then I saw a picture of a cute little grey chihuahua on a rescue website.  The second I saw him I knew I was in love!  He was from downtown LA and had been thrown over a fence into a neighbor's yard.  The woman who found him turned him over to Dawg Squad and was being fostered and waiting for a permanent home.  

I immediately filled out a lengthy application to adopt little "Fendi".  After being contacted, I was then scheduled to meet him along with his foster mom Gillian.  I was so nervous!  I just wanted Gillian to like me so badly because I couldn't imagine having another dog.  I knew he was mine.  Meeting him for the first time made me feel pure joy.  He was timid, let me hold him and seemed like the most perfect little dog.  I wanted to take him home right then!

After our meeting Gillian let me know she approved of me adopting him.  I was so happy!  I had to wait a few weeks to have Paczki (he was renamed) home.  I bought so many toys, beds, treats, and clothes for the little guy.  I was counting the days until he came home.

On February 28th, 2011 Paczki was officially mine.  He seemed a little weirded out to be at his new home, but he quickly adjusted.  I felt like my life was instantly fulfilled.  I honestly can't remember my life without him.  He makes me so happy and he replaced the piece of my heart that was missing.  He is my everything.

I know some people might think it's crazy to love an animal that much.  I can really appreciate the love a pet has for their owner.  It's a completely selfless and unconditional love.  I can't think of one human who possesses those qualities throughout their life.  It's been almost eight months since Paczki has come home and my love for him has done nothing but grown.  I love coming home to him and look forward to spending the next ten plus years with my little guy.



Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not Ready To Give Up Summer

Summer may have gone, but in California it stays nice and warm well into winter.  This gives me time to wear my lovely summer Betsey collection even longer :).  I really love this blue tiered dress, I love any of Betsey Johnson's dresses with taffeta.  I also love the gradient tye-dye like color.  

 The skirt is a lot more full looking in real life!

 I wanted to pair the dress with a dressier shoe, but something that still had that girly touch (along with a lot of sparkle).

 And of course, I had to add my pink and white striped Betsey wristlet!
I love this outfit for a nice night out, maybe a special occasion.  It looks even better with a nice black peacoat draped over it (but I have yet to get my coats out of storage).  What kind of looks will you be sporting this fall?


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