Thursday, March 28, 2013

Endearingly Yours


Another day, another great swap from a Flock Together gal.  This time around I had the chance to style a deer printed dress from Erica of Sweets and Hearts.  If it's printed with some type of animal, I'm interested.  I seriously could not tell you where the attraction lies but I long for a closet full of cute creatures printed on even cuter dresses.  Thankfully, Erica is just a short drive away from me so borrowing this gem again is most likely in my future.






Dress- Erica's via Flock Together
Belt- c/o Deb Shops
Shoes- c/o Deb Shops
Necklace- Tiffany & Co.

Today I go back to the reality of my everyday life.  These last four days I've spent my time with Jessica of Midwest Muse and her friend Jess.  They were visiting from Ohio and I had the chance to show them around Los Angeles.  We went to Disneyland, saw a comedy show, roamed Beverly Hills and Hollywood, ate some great food, and even visited the museum of death (yes, really).  I'm sad to see them go but it really was a wonderful week.
 I also guest posted over at the Archaic Cannon blog.  If you'd like to see who I put on my list of best dressed musicians, click HERE.



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  1. Okay the museum of death sounds interesting...was it?

    Your heels really pop!


  2. The print of that dress is the cutest! I love it! And your week around LA is making me reminisce about when I was there 2 years much fun!

  3. what a gorgeous dress! :) love your shoes as well. so spring bright
    kw ladies in navy

  4. The deer print is so cute and whimsical! That must've been fun to visit with them!

    The Tiny Heart
    Target Giveaway!

  5. #everythingwithanimals

    All of the time.

    I cant wait to see your photos with Jessica. Did you guys manage to tote around a camera for Disneyland. I WANNA GO! Take me with you! Maybe I'll convince my friend to take me, but then again, I dont think Tuscon Arizona is close to Disneyland. My understanding of the roadways and distances of the west coast is a lot less than the east coast roads though. ANYHOW this outfit is perfect, as always, and now bookmarked and will be featured on my blog on april 23rd

  6. You look adorable! Love the mix of the blue and yellow!

  7. Such a cute floral dress and just love those wedges! Amazing fun yellow! I'm wearing a similar pair on my recent post. I hope your week is going well and if you get a chance, please stop by and check out my giveaway - a python cuff handmade from Indonesia! Perfect for the Year of the Snake, ha! Have a great weekend!

    xo Grace

  8. Ahh that sounds like so much fun! I seriously need to get on this whole meeting bloggers in person thing, it would be SO nice to be around people who understand the need to drag your camera everywhere!
    The deer print dress is so cute and I LOVE those yellow heels, you have the best shoes!
    xo Hannah

  9. So pretty! I love how the print isn't entirely noticeable til you look at it up close - and the deer are so cute!

    xox Sammi

  10. Animal print dresses are the best! I want one with cute owls at least! Those shoes are seriously eyecatching, they look fun to walk in lol

  11. That is such a cute dress, and I love the wedges! It is such a perfect spring look!

  12. Very cute! The yellow shoes are perfect with it!

  13. Glad you had such a great week with your friends! You look adorable, as always. That must be exciting to have a friend close by to swap clothes with!


  14. Love how you styled this deer dress! Erica sent this along for our Swap & Style series too and I love how all three of us paired the dress with a bow belt!


  15. Great look, I love that dress! And those heels, how awesome!

  16. I also love animal print anything...haha. That dress looks great on you!
    Penniless Socialite
    March Group Giveaway!

  17. such a pretty dress and the shoes are beautiful!

  18. you look adorable. seriously!! xx

  19. You are seriously the Queen of Dresses!! :)

    xx Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  20. Oh wow. That print is A-MAZING. So cute!

  21. seriously beautiful dress love how you styled it going to check out Erica's blog now thanks for sharing!
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  22. awww disneyland. I'm jealous. I love that place. Cute dress!

  23. oh my word you look AMAZING, love the dress (borrowed or not).

    xo Meg<3

  24. love your dress! beautyfull!

  25. I think the yellow shoes really accent it well! And... what exactly is IN the museum of death?

  26. This dress is AWESOME. Was it on Flock? How did I miss it? I know it sounds CRAZY but I never ever think to wear a belt that doesn't match my shoes...but golly this is PERFECT.

  27. OMG THOSE's everything!!!


  28. Wow, how do you walk in those shoes???
    Great outfit! Looks awesome!

  29. love your dress, I'm so jelous because of your clothes swaping! Where do you live, is it already so warm to wear dresses? It's so freezing cold in Switzerland, it's actually snowing!

  30. Beautiful! with that popping yellow shoes! I just love it :) so chic!

    Dress To Cook Blog

  31. Ashley, the yellow heels pop wonderful to this easter springish dress. You really have the most girly dresses, love it.


  32. Love the dress with those shoes!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  33. The print on this dress is so cool! From afar it looks like lace, but it's actually deer. How fun! I really love the pop of color from your shoes too.

  34. That dress is perfect! Ah, love it. Pretty lady!


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