Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wandering in Wonderland


A couple of weeks ago I did something I love to but rarely do.  I went through my "fancy dress" closet.  It's in my spare bedroom along with my shoe collection, my jewelry, and a few suits that my husband convinced me to squish in.  It also holds my prized possessions: my Betsey Johnson dresses.  Most of them were bought on sale, some still have tags on them, and some were gifts from my ex boyfriend.  I wish I had more reasons/events to wear them to, but much like an old wedding dress, they just sit in my closet wrapped in their pretty pink dress bags.  Now, I don't usually post outfits that I wouldn't wear everyday, but I figured these dresses needed to see the light of day (and my blog) every once in awhile.





Dress- Betsey Johnson
Cardigan- Anthropologie via Jessica via Flock Together
Shoes- Forever 21
Necklace- Tiffany & Co.
Headband- Etsy

I bought this dress at over 50% off when Betsey was going out of business last year.  I know this because the tags are still attached!  I love the color of it and the skirt is so full and pretty.  I thought wearing this amazingly cute bicycle cardigan that I borrowed from Jessica of Midwest Muse would be the perfect way to dress it down...  A little!  I have always dreamed of having a tea party in a pretty garden in this dress.  Maybe someday it will happen!



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