Sunday, March 17, 2013

What's on my radar: Current Loves

So, I may be on a shopping ban (unless it's needed) for an indefinite amount of time but that doesn't mean I can't window shop!  Or in this case, computer screen shop.  I can't help but look and see what's out there.  I have done my rounds on my favorite sites and these items are definitely something I would love to love!

Handmade mermaid dress:


Caitlin Shearer is one talented lady!  I first discovered her shop through Elana of Room 334 when she posted her girl scout dress (you can find that here).  I'm pretty much obsessed with anything she makes and I love the mermaid print so much!

Tea lover cup and saucer set:


This set from Ruche is the absolute cutest!  I'm big on drinking loose leaf tea so naturally I wanted to purchase this set the minute it went up on their site.  Not only are the colors super cute, but the interior is actually heart shaped too!  It's all in the details, right?

Tulle skirt:


I've been dying for a tea length tulle skirt for quite some time.  Some people think you can't wear this everyday.  Definitely not me!  Sweet Pea and Buttercup makes the perfect tulle skirt for a great price.  Plus, it's custom made so it can bee as full as you want and would fit you like a dream!  I would love to pair this with a tank top and a cute cardigan and some mary jane heels.

Chihuahua charm necklace:


I actually bought something very similar for my sister for Christmas.  Since she's a Boston Terrier owner and lover, I gave her a necklace to match her babies.  I love that Crave Jewelry Design makes these necklaces in all kinds of furry friends, in case you're not much of a chihuahua lover :)

I love discovering new stores (especially on Etsy) and finding one of a kind items.  Do you have a favorite shop?  I'd love to hear about it!



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