Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Inspiration: Flock Together Edition

It's probably no surprise that most of my inspiration comes from other bloggers.  I love finding ways to freshen up my wardrobe, learn great makeup tips, and discover some new yummy recipes.  I can't help but focus on my lovely Flock Together ladies because I think they're all pretty fantastic in their own ways.  Here is just a few of the many things about them that inspire me ♥

Hannah's flower crowns

How cute is this flower crown?  Hannah of Braided Bandit makes them herself and I've been dying for one of my own!  I'm not so secretly hoping she starts selling them in her store ;)

Jenna's heart print tights

If you missed Jenna of Smitten's Heart Month feature in February, I suggest you take a look.  Not only did she have cute inspired outfits, but she also shared her amazing story about her personal connection to Heart Month.  I immediately feel in love with these tights.  They are the cutest!

Katherine's Book of Deer dress

Okay, so she may not be in Flock Together anymore, but she's an original member and will always be one to me.  While I would love nothing more than to live out of Katherine of Of Corgis and Cocktails' closet, this dress has a special place in my heart.  It looks absolutely amazing on her!  I also love how she and Katie of Coeurs de Foxes did a shared post together.  From the US to Poland, they both have wonderful style :)

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Jessi's gorgeous hair

I can't help it, I totally have hair envy!  Jessi of Haircut and General Attitude has such beautiful hair.  I really love it when she wears it straight, which is weird because I hate wearing mine straight.  She knows how to wear it perfectly!

Jessica's "rehabbing" skills

Jessica of Midwest Muse has quite a closet filled with vintage and thrifted finds.  But what she does best is reworking these finds to make them fabulous.  Can you believe this dress was once floor length?  I wish I had the eye for a diamond piece in the rough.

I'm so happy to know such wonderful girls!  What bloggers inspire you?



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