Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Perfect Mascara!

Anybody who knows me personally can tell you that I have been on the hunt for the perfect lengthening, thickening, long wearing mascara for years.  Many mascaras will do one or two of those things, but will lack in other areas.  I have searched far and wide, tried all brands from all price ranges (5 to 40 bucks) and have finally found something I can say is amazing!  And the winner is:

(image via

They're Real! Mascara by Benefit.  At 22 dollars, it isn't the cheapest but it is my absolute favorite.  Not only does it make my lashes nice and long, it also thickens them and makes them look full as well.  While I have found cheaper mascaras that do that as well, most of them flake off on my face (ever have those black dots on your cheeks halfway though your shift at work?).  This mascara will last well past your shift at work and into the night.  Best part is you can add another coat to really make your eyes pop.  This mascara is called They're Real! for a reason... it really can substitute the need for fake lashes.  While I love to rock a fake lash from time to time, not having to glue them on and hope they stay on all night is no longer an issue.  I am truly in love!

You can find They're Real! at any Sephora or at a Benefit counter at Macy's.

(After two coats)



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