Thursday, November 15, 2012

Taken From The Night


Ever since I got engaged I realized that most, if not all of my disposable income was going to my wedding.  It really bums me out because that was my shopping/eating/fun money.  So when a friend of Kevin's invited us to a 20's themed party, I was more than happy to hit up the local Forever 21 for an affordable dress.  While this is the one I bought, I ended up wearing an old dress instead.  So it got me thinking: how can I take this relatively fancy dress into a more casual everyday look?  Here's how I did it:






Dress- Forever 21 (similar)
Cardigan- H&M
Belt- Target
Tights- Forever 21
Shoes- Target
Headwrap- H&M (similar)
Bracelet- Forever 21

First thing I did was trade my heels for some nice flats.  You can still wear a fun shoe, I chose leopard print, but a flat shoe is both casual and comfortable.  I also added a cute headwrap I found at H&M not too long ago.  I feel like it has a blatant casual vibe so it neutralized the crazy sequined print of my dress.  And last, find a cute comfy cardigan to wear with your party dress.  I especially like the elbow patches on this cardigan.  Total college professor vibe.  Make sure you keep your accessories to a minimum and there you have it!  A multi-functional dress you can take from the office to the town.

Would you downplay a fancy dress for everyday wear?  How would you do it?  Let me know by commenting below!  Happy Thursday :)


P.S. Today I'm linking up with Sharon and Tara at Look What I Got!


  1. I think you styled this so well! I love the peachy tones with burgundy

  2. That dress is so cute.
    I've rocked my prom dresses post-prom. Ok, granted, they weren't that "prom-y" but they were still pretty formal. I wore my powder pink one with Birkenstocks and light make up, and I wore my bright pink one with silver slingback sandals and a Cambridge Satchel. I hope I rocked it :S

    Ava Tallulah

  3. This is such a cute dress and I can see it working well for a 20s party. You're adorable!!

  4. Awwww love your tiny splashes of leopard prints mixed into that cute fancy dress. You know what, in my latest post, I also did something like that! :-)


  5. The sparkly dress is so fun! I love the addition of the burgundy tights/headwrap...the color is stunning against your hair! And yes, weddings are crazy expensive. Thanks so much for linking up!!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. You look so, so pretty in this look!

  7. i so tried this dress on in forever 21 in baltimore. haha. we have such similar style it's not even funny! i LOVE THIS DRESS ON YOU! i didn't buyit because it didn't fit me right in the chest but it still makes me sad because i loved it and it's SO darn perfect on you. plus you styled it amazingly. have fun at the 20s party. saving for the wedding can be pain

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  8. This dress is so amazing!!! I love the colour and sparkles. I love that you made it appropriate for day, it is such a great piece!! Perfect with the fun flats. F21 is great for fun pieces like this on a budget!

  9. i think you did a great job of making it more casual. it's such a great dress, and i'm sure you will have many opportunities to wear it!

  10. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this!! My friend theresa just bought the same one and I showed her this!!


  11. LOve love love this outfit, The colors are amazing, and I've been looking for the perfect sequin dress and I think you found it ;)

  12. Ha- playing down fancier items sort of implies you have fancy items. People here go to both weddings and funerals in jeans and there aren't really social functions besides that it feels.

    Still, I love how you made this party dress into something more casual and fun. The cardi and hair thing make it a very relaxed yet stylish look.

  13. Oooo 20s themed party- your friends sound fun! we just have franzia-box-night themed parties haha. and i LOVE how you transitioned the dress. anything in head to toe sparkles is amazing in my book. seeing this got me thinking on how i can do that to my party dresses. maybe i'll bust one out for tomorrow (god help my boss)

  14. Weddings are SO expensive. Super cute outfit for your themed party.

  15. You are a genius!!! I love what you did to dress is down a bit. Love the colors and the flats! I saw that dress at F21 and fell in love are so stinkin' precious!!

  16. You look so pretty, loved how you made it casual! For a more evryday look I would maybe style it with a denim jacket, high bun and a cute pair of flats (like you did) or for a more fun look some sneakers =P



  17. This is such a rare forever 21 find. So pretty and I love how you down played it. If it's summer, I like to pair a fancy dress with gladiator sandals and hardly any accessories. This is super inspiring and part of the reason I never wear the striped dress because I'm always like "UGH SO FANCY!" But now I have some ideas. Thank you.

  18. I love your dress I must admit I look beautiful as a fairy, as in a fairy tale. I love the way as to combine with red burgundy. just beautiful!


  19. love the turban and sequin mix. and i agree. it definitely makes it more casual :)

  20. Gorgeous dress on you and I have almost the same cardigan only in burgundy, from Springfield.

  21. I love to style fancy and chic evening dresses/skirts/items for the day. usually I downplay it with jeans, so I would probably have worn a jeans jacket with it, or tucked the dress in a skirt and wore the jeans jacket with it or added a comfy sweater over it with boots for colder days!
    I love your combination with burgundy, I think it makes the dress sparkle even more!

    xxx Anita

  22. I think you look darling! I love that dress and you made it look so cute and casual! You are darling girlie! :)

  23. you look so pretty in that dress! and the dress is so amazing itself!

  24. That dress is so fun - you look great, and I am loving you new 'do!

  25. Love that dress!!!

    There is a little surpize for you in my blog, come and check it :)

    The Chic and Cheap Blog
    The Chic and Cheap Blog Facebook Page

    Dont forget to like my Facebook page too!

  26. love this mix of casual and glam! and also the mix of colors! great look!


  27. Really cute ensemble. The cardigan makes the dress look so much more cozy.

  28. you look fabulous! and the dress is to die for, i love it so much and it looks really good with your styling :)

  29. So cute girl! I love the sequins, sparkly things have been catching my eye lately.. It looks so cute with that cardigan (of course I love the elbow patches) and those shoes are adorable!

  30. This dress is so freaking adorable! And that sweater with the elbow bads, oh I love!!!

  31. Oh, I love it, I love it, I love it! This outfit is super cute and sparkly! You look so gorgeous with red hair and you know I want that head wrap, which my Darling Husband would balk at if he saw me wearing it! -Jess L

  32. I love how you made this pretty sequin dress ready for the day! Super cute cardigan you added, love the fantastic elbow patches! Great styling!


  33. I generally have this issue too. I buy pretty dresses and then run out of occasions to wear them. Really like what you did here though. I'd say that dress could be very hard to work with. I love how your hair even matches the color of your accessories.

  34. I love that dress! Forever 21 has so many affordable sparkly dresses. Thanks for linking up!
    Penniless Socialite

  35. Love your tights! Such a cute look and I love your wedding dress too :)

  36. Don't know how I missed this post - but I LOVE love love that dress - so pretty, and so much fun!

    The Other Side of Gray

  37. this dress is literally dazzling!! and looks great!! x


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