Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ruffled Hearts and Polka Dots

Okay, so I was originally going to wait until after my engagement pictures to debut this dress on my blog but I'm very impatient.  When I have something this cute in my closet I have no self control!  I'll be styling this dress much differently when our picture day comes (the 18th) so it was the perfect excuse I needed to show you first.






Dress- Ruche
Cardigan- Forever 21
Tights- Forever 21
Shoes- Old Navy
Necklace- Gift

The print of this Ruche dress was so unique and really spoke to me... If that makes any sense!  I realize I have actual attachments to some of my clothes (I touched on this subject last time).  It may be a bit irrational but much like a collector of cars, stamps, or coins, dresses are one of many things that make me happy :).  Believe me, if I could collect chihuahuas I definitely would!  What do you collect that makes you happy?




  1. Oo I love it! The print is so fun and I really love all the colors! Cute cardigan too. I can't wait to see how your engagements turn out!

  2. such a great way to mix prints I will have to try it great post!

  3. Oooh I love your pattern mixing! That dress is so pretty :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. you look gorgeous! these tights are amazing:)

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  6. Super cute print, that dress is adorable and I love the polka dot tights you paired them with. I found your blog through Flock Together, I adore your style, new follower here.

    xo erica

  7. How cute are you?! The heart print is so sweet and it looks adorable with the polka dot tights. Can't wait to see how your engagement pics turn out!

    The Tiny Heart

  8. Love the print mixing going on! That dress is seriously gorgeous on you. And I so love the color of your cardigan-so versatile and pretty!

  9. I LOVE your tights and the mixing of patterns!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  10. This dress is soo beautiful, I love it so much!!! It looks great print mixed with the tights and that cardigan is such a lovely shade

  11. Very cute dress and polka dot tights! :)

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  12. Hehe, well I can definitely why you couldn't wait...that dress is a beauty! I just love how you styled it with printed tights and bronzy shoes. Your photos are going to be gorgeous Ashley! Looking forward to seeing them :)

    I collect first edition classic's a bad and expensive addiction :)

  13. I'm like that with cute new clothes too. Love this look and it is even more darling with these tights!

  14. I love your pattern mixing with your dress and tights! :) I can see how the dress spoke to you its adorable!


  15. I totally feel you on getting attached to dresses. Sometimes when I get a sale in my shop I actually get really sad along with the happiness for the sale haha! The print on this is amazing and I LOVE the double print with the tights! Can't wait to see your engagement pictures weee!
    xo Hannah

  16. Such a sweet outfit! For some reason I looked and thought: "She is like a Disney princess!" :) I am exactly the same when it comes to favourite items - I can't get enough of them. x

  17. amazing outfit!love the tights! :)

  18. I used to have a collection of sand from various places and a stamp collection and I don't collect anything now, as I feel no need for it. You look beautiful in your new dress and I can see why you wouldn't want to wait to show it to us. Hehe.

  19. haha collect chihuahuas- and i totally get being attached to certain dresses! i have a few that were so ridiculously pretty to me when i first saw them that i'd put down any amount of money to have them. totally irrational, and totally understandable ;) and i can't wait to see how you style this for your engagement pictures, but i'm loving the pattern on pattern look in this look!

  20. What a sweet dress! The colors work with your complexion and hair really well and the fit is gorge!

  21. Really lovely dress, such a cute pattern and I love the tights you added to the look! You have fun style and I like it! I am following you on bloglovin follow me back there if you like! xxoo


    1. Thanks so much sweetie for following me back on bloglovin! Could you please check if the follow button worked on bloglovin as my follower number never changed and I know sometimes bloglovin has some glitches and you have to hit the button twice, I am excited to see more of your posts!


  22. love this so much! Such a fun outfit!

  23. I love this look. It is so cute!! I love it!

    Tesori Belle

  24. I love this print and the tights are such a pretty surprise. And you in flats? I love it. I hope you share your engagement photos 'cause you and your man are so cute.

  25. You look so super cute!Dress looks on you so pretty and those tights are fabulous.

    xoxo Ra

  26. You look adorable! You definitely know how to pull such an outfit off and it suits you so well!

    Love, Mary ♡ Fashionbirds

  27. this is on my list of dresses to maybe buy iwth my birthday gift card so i was excited to see it on you! i LOVE it on you - it's such a cute print and will be adorable for engagement photos. and i love it with these tights

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  28. I totally love this dress <3 You look amazing !
    Would you like to follow each other?

  29. I know exactly how you feel about waiting to wear pieces! I have no self control. And I don't blame you for wearing this one right away, the print really is amazing! I love that you paired it with polka dot tights too :)

  30. this is so very "fall: of you!! i love it!!! i love the combo of the two prints!! i suck at mixing prints but always love it!!

    xoxo, lyndsey


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