Sunday, November 4, 2012


Okay, so I have a confession.  Only very few people know about this (I'm a little ashamed) but I have a storage unit filled with clothes.  Some of them are old, some of them are "off season", most of them I had no idea I even owned at one time.  I think I may have my old cheerleading uniform in there?  Anyway, I rarely visit it because it's in my old hometown and making a trip out there is usually only to visit my family.  But when I do go, it's to take a trash bag filled with clothes and dump it off like forgotten memories. 
Well, a few weeks ago I had the chance to go through some of the bags and either trash, donate, or keep most of my hoarded items.  While most things were donated, I did keep this one dress.  I probably bought it four or five years ago and forgot about it not long after.  It's a little big on me these days, but I love the tiered chiffon and the print so I think I'm going to bring this one back to life.





Dress- Target
Blazer- Urban Outfitters
Tights- Forever 21
Shoes- Steve Madden
Necklace- Gift from Grandma
If I were motivated to do so, I'd go through that whole unit and clean out everything.  I think subconsciously I want to keep certain things because they hold onto a certain memory, even if I never think about it.  It's like a tomb of forgotten past that I can visit and remember whenever I feel the need.  Maybe one day when I have a home with more than two closets I can have a special place for these things...  I think it would be much nicer than my storage unit which also houses black widows in the summer.  Some memories deserve a better home!
Phew, glad I got that off my chest.  I feel much better :)
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  1. wow tht is alot of clothes, it good that u donated some ^ ^ very generous of you and i love the dress :)

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  3. Really wonderful outfit i really like it your dresss


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  4. haha that's aaaaalot of clothes! i can see how easy it is to have though- you dump it in there and then out of sight and out of mind. it's great you got rid of a lot of it, but it must be fun finding super old pieces that still work- like this pretty tiered dress. it's kind of like shopping in your old closet ;)

  5. Super cute ensemble!


  6. This dress is so pretty and I'm totally not surprised that you have a storage unit of clothes. I've been really trying hard to get rid of things I don't wear. It's been tough. It's always about the memories.

  7. We always feel good when we donate clothes! There's a certain long thinking process that comes with it, making it hard, but in the end it's good to know what you can really keep for yourself and what's best for someone else's needs. come by our website and checkout our new post too! HIMandHERproject

  8. It's so funny that you have a whole storage unit full of clothes! I am such a clothes hoarder too, I have my closet which is overflowing and I have a armour filled with "off season" stuff.
    It's good you decided to rescue this dress because it's beautiful, I love the tiers and the print is so pretty!

  9. wow. you did very good not letting this dress go! It looks amazing on you


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  10. Yup, I know what that's like! I use to have storage units too, but I did move around a lot from being in the military. Now I have a house, and while we did get rid of lots of stuff, we've managed to collect more. I have closets with other clothes too, that I can't decide if I want to keep. And our house is small, so I probably should get rid of stuff! I don't think you're alone! People "keep" stuff thinking they might need it later on. -Jessica L

  11. Oh, and you look adorable of course! (Sorry, I don't feel like deleting and rewriting what I just wrote! ) -Jessica L

  12. very cute love the lacy leggins with the floral dress and your hair is beautiful perfect shade!

  13. Lol you are too funny. I have SO so many clothes, but I've yet to need a storage unit so I feel a tiny bit better ;) i totally know how you feel though. I start going through mounds of clothes and become a little embarrassed..
    Love this dress, and i really really love those shoes with the rights!

  14. LOVE your shoes!
    -Daisy Nguyen from the PS BANANAS! fashion blog:

  15. You look absolutely great!!! Sparkles in your eyes :)

    Love it! Mary ♡ Fashionbirds

  16. LOVE reviving old clothes - that dress is so cute! And that's so great that you donated a bunch too :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  17. It's always fun to rediscover clothes you already own. This is a cute look on you.

  18. You look so pretty - this dress is a lovely find. x

  19. I wish I had a storage unit full of clothes (I'm a wee bit of a hoarder) Love that dress!

    xoxo Sarah Beth

    Caring Cowls

  20. Don't you love when you can take something old and make it feel new again? That dress is so cute and it looks perfect with the blazer! And for some reason, you look really tall in this outfit...can't figure out why, but you do!

  21. great outfit! you look fabulous!
    love your blog!
    following you now & would love if you checked mine out and followed if you liked!

  22. I love that feeling of searching through old clothes and finding a forgotten item worth saving! I'm glad you saved this dress, it's adorable! Any time you want to get rid of old know my address ;)

  23. No worries! Half my basement is my "storage unit". It is fun to dig through old stuff from time to time. That dress is adorable on you. Such a good old/new find :]

  24. Seriously I love the entire outfit, you look pefect from head to toe, the colour, pattern and texture combo makes it so special :-)


  25. It's so fun to find clothes that have been forgotten, this dress is so pretty! I really like the print and the tiers :) It looks amazing with the patterned tights and bright blue heels. You seriously have some pretty awesome shoes!

  26. I do always adore your style! Love the floral dress :)


  27. What i usually try to do is only hold onto ones that have special memories (like my old HS basketball hoodie)& my favorite dress when I was 5 & let everythign else go I haevn't worn in a year or so. I've regretted it a few times & this dress def looks great on you, but I always feel better knowing someone else is using it instead.


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