Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Three's a Charm

Today is the three year "dating" anniversary for my husband and me.  While we may not be celebrating like we did last year, we are taking the time to acknowledge how special that is.  We actually met in 2002.  We had many mutual friends and hung out in the same group but never really connected.  In 2006 we started talking to each other (as friends) and we didn't have our first date until early 2007.  On our second date he received a call that he was getting a new job that would have him all over the world.  We had a good four months to establish a great relationship... Let's just say, it wasn't enough time!  We tried the whole long distance thing but we were young and just not ready.  So by the end of the year we called it off.  I really think this was a blessing in disguise because it was my last year of school and it really gave me the chance to concentrate on me.

While we were off and on between 2008 and 2010, I just couldn't commit to a relationship with him.  Maybe it was our past or my past with others, but I had some major trust issues.  Finally in May of 2010, we went on a date and had a chance to catch up.  The dinner was really nice and we had a wonderful time, I seriously remember it like yesterday!  At the end of the night he had the guts to ask if I was ready to work on our relationship again.  He just didn't want to keep his heart out in the open if I wasn't ready to try.  It was weird because for the first time in years I really felt like it was time.  And the rest really is history!

I'm always nostalgic when I think about how our lives turned out.  We had the chance to be together, be apart and grow up, and come back to each other as better people.  I love our story and I think it says a lot when you can acknowledge your downfalls and work on them until it's just right.  That's why May 1st is so special to me.  It was the day I realized I was ready for true love :).



kev birthday


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Here's to many many more years!



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