Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Three's a Charm

Today is the three year "dating" anniversary for my husband and me.  While we may not be celebrating like we did last year, we are taking the time to acknowledge how special that is.  We actually met in 2002.  We had many mutual friends and hung out in the same group but never really connected.  In 2006 we started talking to each other (as friends) and we didn't have our first date until early 2007.  On our second date he received a call that he was getting a new job that would have him all over the world.  We had a good four months to establish a great relationship... Let's just say, it wasn't enough time!  We tried the whole long distance thing but we were young and just not ready.  So by the end of the year we called it off.  I really think this was a blessing in disguise because it was my last year of school and it really gave me the chance to concentrate on me.

While we were off and on between 2008 and 2010, I just couldn't commit to a relationship with him.  Maybe it was our past or my past with others, but I had some major trust issues.  Finally in May of 2010, we went on a date and had a chance to catch up.  The dinner was really nice and we had a wonderful time, I seriously remember it like yesterday!  At the end of the night he had the guts to ask if I was ready to work on our relationship again.  He just didn't want to keep his heart out in the open if I wasn't ready to try.  It was weird because for the first time in years I really felt like it was time.  And the rest really is history!

I'm always nostalgic when I think about how our lives turned out.  We had the chance to be together, be apart and grow up, and come back to each other as better people.  I love our story and I think it says a lot when you can acknowledge your downfalls and work on them until it's just right.  That's why May 1st is so special to me.  It was the day I realized I was ready for true love :).



kev birthday


pearl baby shower





Here's to many many more years!




  1. I love seeing all of your hair changes- you can rock any color! I think being friends first before dating is the way to go- at least it always has been for me. Congrats to you two!

  2. What a lovely story and romance. It is so true that you both need to be in the same place emotionally to make it work.

    That photo of the two doggies is adorable! : )

    You have had your hair every colour under the sun it seems. I have to say I like the red/pink the best.


  3. Happy dating anniversary! I love hearing your story how you guys were on and off for a while and eventually made your way back to each other.

    The Tiny Heart

  4. Oh, lovely. Just lovely.So glad you found love and that you were willing to work for it.

    On a completely different note, it is so interesting to see all your different hairstyles both in terms of cuts and color. I like the current color and the reddish especially.

  5. aw so cute! What an amazing story, glad you found someone who makes you happy :)

    Oh and in response to your comment, I haven't heard back yet from anthropologie I should find out by the end of the week!

  6. Awww Ashley this is such a sweet post, I love hearing couples stories and this one is wonderful. I love that you've known each other for so long and just finally got the timing right. You two are adorable together, great photos!!
    And seriously look at all your different hair!

  7. So sweet! And so similar to me & my now husband!
    Happy Anniversary!

  8. Awww what lovely pictures. I think it's great that you guys connected, and then had time apart to grow up and figure out what you wanted, and then found each other again. Happy Dating-a-versary! :)

    xox Sammi

  9. Happy anniversary and many more to come!

  10. god, the story how you actually met and became a couple the second time is so cute! The pictures are lovely! Happy anniversary :)

  11. First of all, you look gorgeous in EVERY SINGLE hair color! Second, I loved hearing your dating story its so full of hope! You two are adorable, happy anniversary!
    xo Hannah

  12. This is so sweet and I love seeing you and Kev in the past. So funny. The picture of you in the orange is my favorite!

  13. Awww so sweet your story. You've found each other along the years. Congrats!!!

  14. It is hard to trust people but I am glad that you guys got married. That is cute that you knew each other a while before dating! Happy 3 years together.

  15. Thanks for your sweet words on my last post, they brightened my day!
    This is such a beautifully written post, I'm so glad it all worked our perfectly for you guys!

    Hope you have a fantastic day,

  16. Ash, its fun to see all of your hair changes, you can wear them all very well but I personally like blonde the best on you, looks so natural on you. Aww, the story is so hearttouching and you were meant to be together thats why your ways got crossed. congrats :-)

  17. happy 3 year anniversary! so awesome!

  18. Congrats dollface !!!! Love all the hair changes miss glammm

  19. You are SO pretty, you guys are SO cute, and I wish you all the best :) Happy anniversary!

    xo Ashley

  20. how special to know that you got together at the moment that was right for you both. If something comes back to you, it's always meant to be I think and you were so wise to not enter into a relationship without being fully ready. No harm in going slow because if it's meant to last, once it happens it all happens quick after that!
    Happy May day!

  21. Such a cute, but realistic story! I like how it's not some love at first sight kind of thing.

  22. what a sweet story! congrats and wishing you many, many more happy years together

  23. awww Happy Anniversary!!! I hope the road continues to get better as you guys improve individually and collectively. Such a beautiful story of love and second chances!

    -Chymere A.

  24. Oh goodness. You guys are really too cute , and your story is touching --- very honest and real and raw. I love it. Real love is made from such things. :D


  25. such a perfect story Xo Megan,

  26. This is too adorable. I've always been a sucker for a story like this. Meeting again at a later time when you are older & ready. Ahhh! CUTE. Happy anniversary! :D

  27. aww congrats to you two! and i def know what you mean about needing time to grow. i'm glad to hear it all worked out later. thanks for sharing your little story & these incredibly adorable pics! the first ones you two look soo diff : )

  28. He is one lucky guy out there! I love your love story and how you end up by each other's arms. You didn't force to work up your relationship but instead let time judge it :) I think its one true love. Cheers to that! :)


  29. Really girl- such a beautiful story. I'm always surprised how love works. And it's so great. And look how you two have changed over the years!! So a lovely couple :)


  30. Aw so cute :) That is really neat that you were able to make it work after all those years! Isn't love just the greatest thing?! We just celebrated 3 years of marriage (5 together total), we got married April 2010 right before you started dating :) Love all these cute pics!

  31. Awww congrats! What cute pictures and beautiful post <3 :'). You both look wonderful! All the best to you xx

  32. Gorgeous pics doll! Congrats

  33. Aw, your pictures are beautiful! Congrats you two!

  34. Oh was really cute your Love Story
    Many blesses for both!

  35. Awwwe that is such a great story! I don't know why but I love hearing love stories, make me giggle.
    Congrats and more years to come! Cheers!!

    Personal Style Blog

  36. you guys are too cute!
    seriously is there any hair colour that doesn't look good on you?
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  37. How sweet! Happy Anniversary!

  38. Beautiful blog!!!!

  39. What a sweet story! I love this. You guys have a great love story and I'm so happy you decided to share it on the blog! Happy 3 years!

  40. :DDDDD HAPPY ANNIVERSARY kind of. You know. I still think it's an aniversary! I love seeing all the old photos of you two!?! So much ufun

  41. Aw, this is such a sweet post, and you two are such a sweet couple! Happy (late) Anniversary!


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