Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another You


 Thanks to Katherine and Jessica I've been inspired to take my outfit photos in places other than around my apartment.  It's awkward and weird when you haul your tripod and take pictures on the street with others just staring.  For some reason I feel like it would be less daunting if I had a photographer but I don't even know how to rationalize that.  I think it's the nagging fear that someone is just going to run by and steal my camera.  That situation has played in my head more times than I'd like to admit!  But despite my crazy thoughts, I've worked up the courage to take these solo mini adventures for my outfit photos.





Dress- Modcloth (remixed)
Skirt- Thrifted (American Apparel)
Shoes- Steve Madden
Bag- Won in giveaway
Bracelet- Forever 21
Necklace- Gift

This is another example of getting the most out of my dresses.  I love this yellow dress but it's just a little short for my taste.  Since it's too hot to wear tights now I like to wear a longer skirt over my dress.  Now I'm comfortable and no longer self conscious!
I bought this skirt at Wasteland in West Hollywood when Jessica came to visit.  It's really full and was in perfect condition.  It even had the original tags on it!  I couldn't pass on a 50% discount on an unworn skirt.  It has easily become one of my favorites.  Unfortunately, I rarely have the time or patience to thrift on my own.  I wish Jessica were here all the time, I need a thrifting buddy!


P.S.  I did an interview with Emma of Little Motley last week.  You can check it out by clicking HERE!

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