Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Inspiration: Nails

 In theory, I love doing my nails.  In actuality, it rarely happens.  Not only does it take so much time from my day (drying my nails seems to take forever) but I work with my hands for a living.  So when I scrub into several surgeries a day it's hard to keep newly painted nails looking fresh for longer than a few hours.  That doesn't mean I don't obsess about other blogger's nails!  I admire how some of you ladies take so much time and talent to make your nails look so perfectly pretty.  Here are a few of those talented ladies:

Sandipa of Pushing Polish

I've been following Sandipa's nail blog for quite some time and every post is better than the last!  Her nails are always perfect and she always finds the cutest color and pattern combinations.  Not only does she have a knack for manicures, but if you follow her on Instagram you will also notice how incredibly stylish she is.  She should have a style blog too!


Every time I meet up with Erica her nails are always perfect and pretty.  She recently posted her Easter nails and added her own little twist by using a caviar finish.  They look like cupcake sprinkles and are really making me hungry :)


I can't get enough of Katherine's outfit details, and that includes her nails.  My personal favorite is her fox nails.  I seriously wish I had the patience to do something like this!  To see other imaginative nail art just enter "nails" into her search engine on her blog.  I spent a good ten minutes admiring her artwork.

Chantal of Pony Chops

If you've never read Chantal's blog before then you're in for a treat!  She is a beautifully talented artist and it definitely translates onto her nails.  She also has some great nail tutorials if you're interested in trying to do her designs yourself.

Just seeing these wonderful ladies all together really inspires me to step up my nail game!  Do you have a favorite nail blogger?  I'm always looking for a new read :)




  1. My nails are so short (I have TINY hands and fingers) so it’s always so hard to find fun designs on them. I think I could pull off the polka dots though :)

  2. So cool nails!! I love especially the first style!


  3. Love these nail looks!! Might have to try some of these out :) Thanks so much for stopping by as well and leaving such a sweet comment!

    Have a Terrific Tuesday!

    My Blog, Crystal Chizoba
    My YouTube Channel

  4. Aww I love all of these styles, especially the firts onese!

    I am following you know via Bloglovin and Gfc, hope you follow back :)

    Mia :*

  5. Oh! I love the little fox's! Love your bloggy woggy!
    Newest follower here.
    nothing but a pigeon

  6. Those polka dot nails are adorable! I love doing my nails but I don't always have the time.

    The Tiny Heart

  7. These nail looks are so cool and so much fun!

  8. Loving this series of inspiration posts :) I wish I could do my nails too but it just doesn't last. My nails are really weak too so they just break all the time. Lame!

    xo Ashley

  9. Wow I wish I was that talented, I always try fun things and fail!

  10. I don't think I have the patience to do some of these things, but I really love all of these nails!! Erica's look amazing!!

  11. These are all fantastic! I can barely manage to paint my nails a solid color...

    -Emma from littlemotley.blogspot.com

  12. me too. i love the idea of doing my nails, and i always buy polish....but as a mom, i'm always washing my hands, and rarely have an hour or so of free time to just...wait.for.them.to.dry! i love seeing these inspirational nails, tho, because one day i just might get around to trying them!


  13. great inspirations! I also hate wating for my nails to get dry..

  14. I feel so honored to be mentioned on your blog as an inspiration! Thanks for the sweet words :) A style blog would be so much fun...maybe one day! I will need to invest in a better camera and a tripod before that lol.

  15. Great nail designs!!!


  16. Such a cute post! I love all of their nails. It's definitely hard to maintain a good manicure. These ladies did very well. Thanks for sharing! If you have a chance, I would love for you to stop by and check out my preppy pastel DAY style today. Have a great Wednesday!

    xo Grace

  17. So lovely. The first ones are definitely my favourite.

  18. This is so lovely! I am not very good with doing my nails - for ages they were just short and... well, unappealing. I started getting them done a few months ago and now I reaaally enjoy getting creative with them. I'm currently sporting matte black nails with glittery French manicure, but these spring-y pictures look amazing so I might try something like that next :)

    Lots of love,

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  19. Just followed you btw (as Bibi!) :)

  20. really cute nails! Love the first polka dot ones :)

  21. Wow I love them all! I used to follow a bunch of nail bloggers a few years back. Lots of creative folk :)

    I've been wanting to do some galaxy nails for awhile but no matter how long my nails get.. it's still too small in width to do cutesy designs.

  22. I feel your pain. I can't really do my nails for work either and they are dry and full of ridges anyway. I try though and nothing makes me feel girlier than a shiny bottle of polish!

  23. I love the the first ones!! I also love having my nail pretty and perfect but I can't can't do them myself. I have to admit I have tons of nail polishes but I never use them. I end up going to get a gel manicure every other month.


  24. I love them all but the first ones are my fave. It is so much fun finding new designs for nails thanks for sharing darl xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage


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