Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Skipping Stones


 Well, I did it.  I finally got myself a tulle skirt (or two).  After many searches for the perfect one, I found this gem on Ebay for ten dollars.  How could I go wrong?  Since it came from China it took a good month to get here but it was completely worth the wait.  Maybe I'm a little crazy but I'm dying to wear this skirt over my bikini in summer.  I'm not big on shorts so this seems like a perfect cover up!






Top- Forever 21
Skirt- Ebay
Shoes- Steve Madden
Hat- Forever 21
Ring- Forever 21

So my three year "dating" anniversary is coming up in a few weeks.  Normally we would go out and celebrate with a nice dinner, but apparently (according to my husband) this anniversary doesn't count anymore because we are now married.  Not gonna lie, I was a little sad when I heard that.  While we both agree it's an important milestone in our relationship, he thinks the marriage anniversary trumps our old one.  Although I'm unsure whether I'm upset that we no longer acknowledge the day or that I don't get to go out to a nice restaurant...  Considering my obsession with food I'm thinking it's the latter.  To my married readers: do you still celebrate your dating anniversary?  I'd love to know what you think!

P.S. I updated the Ebay link so you can order a tulle skirt of your own!


  1. That'a a beautiful skirt! Your look is lovely!

  2. Oh, that skirt is to die for! You look very lovely and I'm sure it will be a great cover up because the thin line of middriff showing with this outfit works well, so other midriff-showing will.

    I think in general marriage anniversaries start trumping dating ones, if for o other reason than other people will celebrate your marriage anniversary as well as yourself (the first year is the paper anniversary!). That said, why not celebrate your dating anniversary, you and him, if that's what you want. Really, all dates are kind of celebrating being in love as it is <3

  3. Such a pretty, feminine skirt! I've seen so many people find awesome things on eBay in terms of clothes, I should try that more often!

  4. Could you be any more gorgeous Ashley! This tulle skirt looks like it was made for you :-) I always wanted one too in my closet...perhaps one day!

    I'm pretty sure the hubs and I stopped celebrating our dating anniversary once we got married, though we technically only celebrated one since we only dated for 14 months before tying the knot! But really, there's no rule on it - so why not celebrate if your heart desires :-)

  5. Ohh what a dreamy skirt! It's a great color, too. I'd feel just how you do about the new anniversary trumping the old one. Even though it's no longer the "big" anniversary, it should still be acknowledged (and you should get to eat yummy food), in my opinion! :)

    xox Sammi

  6. That skirt is gorgeous and I can't believe it was only 10 bucks! We still celebrate our dating anniversary...it's just as important to me as our wedding anniversary.

    The Tiny Heart
    $25 Gift Card Giveaway!

  7. I am in love with this skirt, such a pretty soft colour and has great movement!! Now I want a skirt like this! Ahh the pitfalls of blogging. And seriously you're so cute in hats. I'm jealous!
    Celebrate them both! More fancy dinners, yaaaay!

  8. I love the skirt! It's the perfect color.

    -Emma from little motley

  9. My husband and I celebrate an 'un-anniversary'. Like an un-brithday? Get it? We pretty much celebrate shit whenever we want. Aka our June anniversary was celebrated in June and September last year. And if we manage to rememeber it, we got out for the hell of it on our dating anniversary. Tell him it's an excuse to get fancy. And lovey dovey. And you know....lolz. ANYHOW! I don't believe it trumps. I celebrate everything I swear. It's the little things, right? AND THIS SKIRT! I need. You are like a ballerina here. Tell me where on ebay this exists?!!? I can't order anything now since I'm moving, but I can make 'buy when I move' lists.

  10. The skirt is so pretty! You look adorable!

    The Hearabouts

  11. Yes, I think the marriage anniversary now trumps the dating one, but that doesn't mean you can't go out for a nice meal anyway! mmm fooood! ;)

    Also, I love that tulle skirt! What a great find for $10!

  12. Beautiful! I'm hoping to add one to my own wardrobe sometime in the near future :)


  13. I'm super jealous of that skirt. I've been looking for one for such a long time. I never thought to check eBay. Hmmm...

    Flounces & Hubbub

  14. I love how casual you made this! It looks so good. I wonder if this is the one that I've been stalking (just bought). I hope it's a poofy as their photos show.

    Also girl, please pretend like Kevin isn't going to do something cute or surprise you with something. That's kind of his nature, I've noticed.

    Did you guys date before and break up? I think you mentioned? I guess I feel like you two have been together for decades :)

    1. I'm sure I'll at least get a card! But considering we just put our savings into a house, he's probably going to scale it back.

      We did! We dated for like a year in 2007. From 2008 to 2010 he was still in my life but I was not ready for a serious relationship. I'm so glad we waited until I was ready. But we truly have known each other for a decade lol.

  15. What a steal on that skirt! The blush colour is perfect and you can't really go wrong for $10. :)

    I don't have much street cred here since I'm not married, but I would back you up 100% for celebrating dating anniversaries! (As a fellow food lover, I'd take any excuse to celebrate with dinner and sweet treats!)


  16. You´re unbelievably cute Ashley, I adore your blog :)

  17. such a lovely skirt!indeed a perfect cover up for summer :)


  18. Wow wow wow that skirt is so stunning! I think it would look great of a bikini too! I've always wondered that about marriage, I think I'd want to celebrate both just make the dating one not as big as the marriage one!

  19. You're such a BEAUTIFUL wife. I need to spend time with you as soon as Dan and I move into our bigger place. Have any desire to come to Seal in the OC soon?

  20. That is such a beautiful skirt! :)
    I may have to get myself one sometime!

    kristina in retroworter

  21. Oh really lovely outfit!
    The skirt is really cute!


  22. Ahh! SO CUTE. I've been wanting a tulle skirt and was planning on trying to make one with my friends, but we've been lazy and haven't gotten around to it. I'll have to check eBay ! what a good price!

  23. Omg a tulle skirt would so be the perfect swim cover up! Great idea!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  24. I hate waiting on stuff to come from China :( I ordered a pair of pants around Christmas and never even got them! Oh well.. love your shoes btw :)

    xo Ashley

  25. your hair is the best. do you get that a lot? I'm sure you do.
    but I adore it. and this skirt is so fun!

  26. I LOVE that skirt and you styled it perfectly. 3 years is definitely a milestone - you can still do something small to celebrate :) x, Kat

    Love and Ace

  27. I think this is my favorite outfit of yours yet, seriously! I want the skirt & top!!!! :)


    Fierce & Fashionable

  28. Wow I love your hair! And your outfit is amazing :)

    I just followed you on GFC. If you want, we can follow each other on other platforms. Just let me know!


  29. The skirt is really pretty and you look absolutely gorgeous!

    The Boyfriend Project

  30. This is such a darling outfit! I really love the look of the pink with the hat. And happy dating-anniversary!


  31. I love that you chose the pink tulle skirt.

    My husband is actually bigger at celebrating our "when we met" anniversary than I am. He has an excellent memory compared to me though, especially for dates.

    We have celebrated both for some 23 years now. I think celebrating both are important because without the first one you wouldn't have had the second one.


  32. The anniversary DOES still count. My husband and I celebrate our dating anniversary every year as well as our marriage anniversary. We've been married nearly 9 years and ALWAYS make our dating anniversary special! Always! Tell your husband that you wouldn't be married without starting to date. <3 hehehe.
    I have a feeling you got those skirts through the same seller I got mine from (they look similar and I have two long ones . . did you get them from China, because I got mine from there - through Ebay). It looks lovely!

  33. Wow, this is stunning and you look wonderful! I love your skirt and those shoes and that hat are just perfect! Great look :)

  34. I love this look! I don't think I could pull off a cropped cardigan, but it looks so cute on you. Adam has removed all anniversary celebrations except for our wedding date. borrriiinnng.

  35. Ha that's funny...we got married one day before our one year dating anniversary...so that kind of took care of it! :)

  36. I don't know if I'll want to bother with tulle at the beach but it is gorgeous. I really wanted a skirt like this a few years back.

    7% Solution​

  37. SO pretty! And I"m kind of obsessed with hats at the moment. I"m still debating what kind to buy, so I love seeing how other people wear hats!


  38. I still celebrate (or at least remember) our dating anniversary every year. To me, the more reasons for celebration, the better!

  39. seriously SO cute!!

    xoxo linds
    my style blog :: Ruby Girl

  40. So feminine and fun & flirty!!! I want a tutu!!

  41. This skirt is so so pretty! I love how full and girly it is. It'll definitely look cute with a bikini this summer.

    Happy third dating anniversary too! If my boyfriend and I ever got married I think I'd want to celebrate our dating anniversary just because it's been such a substantial amount of time since then. It'd be crazy to forget there was 6+ years of dating and not at least have a drink in its honor!

  42. This skirt with the top makes your waist look so tiiiiiny! I love it! I recently discovered that tulle skirts make me look really wide, so I avoid them. And I'm not married or anything but I think I kind of agree with your husband's thinking, although it's nice to celebrate all things!


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