Thursday, April 25, 2013

Makeup Review: Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Cream

I've probably featured one too many pink hued lip glosses on my blog.  But to be honest, that's pretty much the only color I wear.  If it isn't a nude lip, it's always a pink one.  So when I made my monthly trip to Sephora I discovered this wonderful new pink cream by Buxom.  Their Big &Healthy Lip Cream isn't super glossy and has no shimmer whatsoever.  It's just a heavy pigmented color with a tingly finish which keeps your lips perfectly pouty.




I'm wearing the Pink Lady hue which is what they call an "electric pink".  It's really bright and there's no need to wear lipstick underneath.  I normally bring a chap stick, lip stick, and lip gloss when I go out.  This lip cream pretty much covers them all!  I find that especially convenient when I'm bringing a really small clutch with me.

There are also six other shades (including a really pretty red) and you can get one of your own for nineteen dollars.  Considering you don't have to wear lip stick with it I think it's a wonderful deal!

Do you have any new beauty finds?  What's your favorite gloss of the moment?  Let me know!
Oh, and I also wanted to point out that I did change my hair.  I went purple on the roots that ombres to pink.  It took a whole afternoon (and evening) but I think I got it perfect!



P.S. I added some more items to my store!  Check it out HERE!

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