Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Guest Post: Marlen of Bear and Twine

Hi guys!  Today I'm letting Marlen of Bear and Twine take over my blog today.  Not only does she have a wonderful blog, but she also has an online store filled with vintage and thrifted gems.  She's also a fellow Flock Together member.  Seriously, she is one busy/talented lady!  Okay, I've done enough gushing already, I'll just let Marlen take it from here :)

 photo c81f6f24-4b95-4b9c-95e4-1fd8bb0684ba_zpsa22b641f.jpg

Hi guys! My name is Marlen and I'm the mastermind behind Bear and Twine.

For me, clothing isn't just the stuff you sleepily pick out in the morning and shrug into. Instead, it's a story, it's a feeling, it's a soundtrack and a hope you want to live out for the day. Which is why I opened up my little shop. 

With Bear and Twine, I'm not just selling clothes. I'm giving you carefully curated moments: Wednesday date nights, afternoon trips to delis to read your newspaper, walks in the park just as spring turns into summer, and balcony lunches with your friends and leftover pizza.

There's a feeling, a vibe to each piece. Each sweater will help you live out the adventure of that day and each dress will help make a moment wonderfully memorable. And that's why each grandpa sweater and pleated dress is special. That and that they're the best ones you'll find this side of the Mississippi ;) 

I hope you pop on over to my store and check it out!

And make sure to follow Bear and Twine on Facebook and Twitter for special coupon codes ;)


  1. Check out the store and I must say love some of the items :)Really picked well..


  2. Oh Marlen- you and your writing voice! I love that you sell not just clothes but ideas of what clothing can do.

  3. This is really well written! Love it.


  4. I love that she called it a "soundtrack". So often I make playlists that are a soundtrack to my day - and I do the same with my clothing! Amazing and I'm so stoked for her shop :)

  5. LOVE Marlen's style! So true - clothing is a story/soundtrack for me too! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

  6. Marlen is such a cutie and even has cute stories behind her adorable vintage items- love it!
    My blog: Cuddly Cacti
    My E-Shop: Mitla Moda

  7. Marlen is pretty cool. I'm not allowing myself to even glance at her store until I actually have money, though. That'll just end in sadness, as any sort of window shopping (virtual or in-person) sans money does.


  8. Love those clothes, so cute! And I agree, clothing is a story! :)

  9. Amazing! Definitely going to check this out now.

  10. I love Marlen so much. Her store makes me tear up... SO many great choices!

    Kate from Clear the Way


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