Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Pleasant Pause


To those living in the states, I hope you're having a wonderful long weekend.  This weekend has already been crazy!  With a bridal shower and a baby shower it was busy enough.  But Kevin and I have been packing and slowly moving our belongings into our new home.  Who knew so much stuff could be packed into a two bedroom apartment?  
Anyway, I'm kind of sad that I have to say this but I'll be taking a little break from blogging for awhile.  While I will still have posts going up (I like to plan far ahead), I won't have the time to interact with you like I normally do.  Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to take a little time off to get everything straight.  I will still have fun guest posts and outfit posts so make sure to check out what I have planned while I'm gone.




Dress- swap with Jenna
Cardigan- Forever 21
Shoes- Forever 21
Bracelet- Betsey Johnson
Necklace- Forever 21

Jenna of Smitten let me borrow this dress not too long ago.  It was an obvious choice for me because it's lace and purple, two of my favorite things.  I actually styled it a few times, but I think taking the more casual route was my favorite.  I added a printed cardigan and some embellished flats to make it casual but still interesting.  If you'd like to see how Jenna styled it, click HERE.

Hope you're enjoying the long weekend!




  1. The colour of your dress is beautiful, and the lace adds the most stunning effect. Adore this look! Enjoy the long weekend!

  2. Lovely and so girly! You look like a pretty doll) Great pictures as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  3. Perfect for you.

    I will miss you when you're gone but understand that moving is loads of work and leaves little time for much else.

    Have a great weekend ( we had ours last weekend)


  4. What a cute dress! It looks great with the necklace. Love the belt, too.


  5. the dress is so pretty. lace is very pretty in my opinion. the cardigan matches is so nice and it is very cute. I love your hairstyle also :D
    have a nice day ♥

  6. gorgeous!!
    i'm new follower your beautiful blog!!

  7. Purple looks great with your hair color!

  8. I love my dress on you!! It looks amazing with your hair colour and this printed cardigan!! Such a fun combination :)
    It's totally understandable that you'd need to take a break with that much stuff going on! It's necessary just to relax and reboot sometimes :)

  9. You look super duper cute !!! Love the dress and how you styled it !

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  10. You look lovely! I love the way the purple and white looks with your hair xx

  11. This is a cute outfit! I understand having to take breaks to deal with real life - I've had to take quite a few of them. Good luck with all the moving stuff!


  12. Aw well I'll miss you, but I completely understand your decision! xoxo

    The Occasional Indulgence

  13. This dress looks wonderful with the polka dot cardigan! I think I may have to add it to my list of things to borrow. Aw, I'm sad that you'll be gone for a little while, but you definitely deserve a break from everything!

  14. I love it paired with the polka dot cardi, very chic. Enjoy your time off!


  15. Fabulous outfit! Love your pink hair with the purple dress, totally gorgeous combination <3

  16. Your hair is so beautiful I want it! Lovely post :)

  17. All around great combination. I especially like the color of your dress : )

  18. The purple dress is sooo pretty and I love how it matches your necklace! The polka dot cardigan is so cute too. haha I love anything with polka dots:)

    And yay so happy for you guys for moving into a new home!

  19. cute dress, it looks so good with your hair!


  20. cute outfit! and aw im glad youre still going to be posting some things, ill keep checking in even though you wont be here as much cause your blog is one of my favourites!

    -Tara x


  21. That purple is so pretty on you especially against your hair! I totally understand that you need to take a little blog break...moving is a huge undertaking!

    The Tiny Heart
    Group Giveaway!

  22. It is always nice to take a little break...good luck moving (so much work but unpacking & reorganizing can be fun!)...ugh I just want to find a house to get out of our two bedroom apartment..with the baby we have outgrown it...

  23. Sorry to hear you're taking a break, but I've just been to a move and I know how stressful it can be. I also took a couple days break from the blogging, just to completely focus on the things going on offline.

    Look forward to your scheduled posts!

    I also really like your outfit here, it suits you so well! That cardi is really, really cute.

    Have a great day,

  24. amazing hair

    New post on the blog:

  25. Loved that otted cardigan. I'm having a creush on anything with dots lately.

  26. I love that dress on you and It look so so so great with your hair color! Good luck with the move and I hope you enjoy your blogging break!

  27. such a cute dress, love the color!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  28. You look so preppy! I always love your dress and this one is very pretty

  29. The purple dress and Your HAIR looks beautiful :)

  30. I may have mentioned it before, but I'll say it again, "I love polka-dots!" They're just so playful and cute and just unexpectedly chic!

    twitter and instagram: @BelatedBloomer

  31. I'll miss you during your "pause" but I know how excited you are to be moving into your new home! Love this outfit on you, the purple lace dress is so pretty!

  32. This dress is perfect on you and your hair! I'll be sad to see less of you on the internet, but I can't imagine how busy you are! I hope you keep instagramin'/tweetin' so I know you're alive and well :) Have fun moving!

  33. With a purple dress like this, I'd definitely dress it up!

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  34. this is such a gorgeous colored dress! i love it paired with the purple necklace as well. enjoy your break...hope to see you back soon :)


  35. a lovely splash of colour! you are gorgeous <3 x

  36. You take all the time you need, lady, but you will be missed! Hope everything goes smoothly with moving and fingers crossed that you share some pictures after you've decorated :) Until you come back to the blogosphere, take care!

    xo Ashley

  37. Girl, I know it! Movign and getting a new job, my blog comments folder is scaring me! Good luck!

    Also, totally thought this said 'to be living in the states' like you envied people in the us because you moved somewhere else. i had to read it 3 times for no reason to understand. and I love this cardigan and dress together - your command of the color purple has me smitten (and the ability to wear a purple cardigan in honor of your for the first time ever)

    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

  38. Wow I really think purple is your colour. Looks incredible against your hair. Good luck with everything you need to get done, we will miss you and look forward to your return!

  39. I'm just catching up on 2 weeks worth of blogs to come across's fine take as much time as you need! I needed a break from my blog as well, I'll still be following you on instagram :)

  40. sad that you wont be posting for a while since i just found your blog! but i totally understand, i just took a small blogging break too since i was just over working myself! but i must tell you i love your hair! and your blog so im following you in hopes i see a post from you soon!
    sharde @ the style projects

  41. I'll miss your sweet face. But have fun living life! It's good to do that sometimes ;)


  42. You're so adorable. Just discovered you blog tonight. Love, love!

    xo Kelli

  43. This purple dress is so so pretty! I just love the dotted cardigan paired with it. Your hair looks fantastic with that shade of purple too.
    Have a restful blogging break! (Or as restful as possible!) I definitely understand not being able to interact with everyone the way I want to. There's never enough time!

  44. This outfit is adorable, I love how it goes with your hair!


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