Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Little Different


The hound sleuth dress has made its return!  I actually wear this dress a lot in real life but know I can't actually feature it on a weekly basis.  If you read my first post when I featured it, you'll know that it has a very special place in my closet.  I'm excited to show you how I now style it for the warmer months (and boy are they coming!).





Dress- Modcloth (remixed)
Belt- Forever 21
Shoes- Natural Breeze
Bag- Forever 21
Ring- Forever 21

I have this funny memory in my head from when Kevin and I first moved in together.  Kevin doesn't have any sisters, so living with a girl must have been somewhat of a "culture shock" for him.  Whenever we had plans to go to the movies or run errands he would watch the sometimes long and torturous process of picking out my outfit.  He would always ask me why I would put on such a fancy outfit (aka a dress) to do something simple like to to the grocery store.  And the answer always was, "It makes me feel good."  
I don't dress for men, otherwise I'd be stuck wearing something tight and uncomfortable.  I dress for me.  And honestly, I like to dress for other women.  A compliment from another woman holds much more value than one from a man.  Because let's be honest, women know what they're talking about when they tell you they like your style.  I have this character trait (that is sometimes considered a double edged sword) where I have never cared when people think negatively of me.  When it comes to my style I've always taken risks without thinking twice.  Some people don't like my style and I know that's okay.  But when I get a compliment I truly take it to heart.  Especially from a stranger!

Three years have passed and Kevin doesn't even ask anymore.  He knows.  And while I think he'd love to see me in something low cut and tight someday (maybe on his birthday), he knows that I'm much happier being me.  Oh, and those random compliments I get in restaurants and stores?  I think he gets happier than me when I get them.  He's one proud husband!




  1. That dress is so cute that I'd be wearing it a lot too! I think a compliment from a stranger is the best kind of compliment you can get because you know it's genuine :)

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  2. good for you wearing just what makes you feel lovely! i try to do that too! adore the houndsleuth dress. so funny!
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  3. I think that's why we blog, to some degree anyway. A comment on a post telling you how great you look! And girl, you look great~

    The Occasional Indulgence

  4. I love this dress! And I totally understand what you mean about dressing for yourself. It's so sweet he gets even happier than you do when you receive a compliment! This outfit is too too cute. :)

    xox Sammi

  5. Guys don't understand the process of getting ready- I don't think they ever will! haha This dress is adorable!

  6. I cannot believe this dress - it's so perfect! The print is one of the cutest I've seen in a while...

    Hope you have a fantastic day,

  7. I agree with you. I don't dress for guys but for myself and other women (coz they're the one who will judge).. For some reason, albeit you told yourself you don't care what others people will say about you, truth is it really matters. :) I love your post! And the dress, of course.. Always gorgeous..


  8. Another fun/flirty dress and that print is gorgeous! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

  9. That dress is too cute, the flair to it is perfect! It's like you stole the words right out of my mouth. My boyfriend doesn't understand a lot of the things I wear and I always tell him I don't dress for you I dress for myself! Those random compliments make my day every time!

  10. Flats and straight hair? Who are you? And what have you done with Ashley?! Just kidding! I love that you're stepping outside of the Ashley blog box!

    And yes! So crazy that you worded exactly my thoughts on fashion and getting dressed. A long while ago when I first started getting into fashion, I read an article written by one of my favorite writers about Jenny Lewis (which I love) and he said something along the lines of "Jenny dresses in a way that appeals to other women more so than men." and it always stuck with me and became my mantra. Glad I'm not the only one. IRL compliments are so nice and almost rare that it seems even more heart warming.

  11. You look absolutely ADORABLE, love this dress so much, i can see why you wear it on a regular basis. It's so cute seeing you in flats ;)
    I definitely dress more for myself, my ex used to make fun of my clothes choices (a good reason why he's an ex) and would be upset that i wasn't dressed in tight lowcut outfits. But that's just not me! It doesn't make me feel good and i love the way i dress. This community of blogging has definitely given me confidence in dressing the way I want :)

  12. It took until reading Jessica's comment to pin down what looked different with your hair! Lol, I'm one observant lady.

    Oh,oh,oh! LOVE you in that dress everytime; you could feature it weekly. We won't mind. The yellow belt and slim bow on it is just the right finishing touch.

    What you say about who you dress for rings really true. It is nice that THe Boy thinks I look nice in the clothes I wear, but honestly, he can't tell. He thinks I look nice no matter what I'm wearing (which is good, but-). I like to dress for myself, to be me and to be creative. If it is dressing to impress someone else, it would probably be the ladies, not the guys. That's what is nice about the blogging community. They get what the whole dressing-with-style thing is and enjoy it too!

  13. love your hair! beautyfull! :D

  14. so cute! I love that you like to dress up. There are times on the weekend where I wear the same sweats or shorts the whole weekend. I don't think Adam even notices. lol.

  15. A random compliment from a stranger ( as long as it's not some creepy old dude) are always a bonus. Makes you think that we should be handing them out more often. I make it a point now when I see someone wearing something that I love to go out of my way and tell them. I know how good it can make a person feel.


  16. You look ADORABLE! The print on that dress is so amazing! I'm so jealous of it.
    Haha, I totally relate. My husband patiently waits for me to get dressed to go to the store (although he doesn't understand that I sometimes change from one cute outfit to another just because I feel like it). Although, I have to say, while he does like the low cut stuff, his absolute favorite dresses of mine aren't tight OR low cut. They're all floral and girly, actually. Now that I think about it, he seems to appreciate my outfits the most when they're a little retro and very feminine.
    And random compliments from strangers definitely are the best!
    Happy Thursday!

  17. The print on this dress is so adorable and I love the way you styled this for everyday wear. You totally hit the nail on the head about women dressing for themselves and for other women.

  18. You look great!And that hair color is amazing!

  19. Amazing look! So great:)

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  20. Stunning. I just adore beautiful unique prints like this and wow I want that bag!

  21. Love the color of your hair! Great outfit!

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  22. I LOVE this post! I'm so glad that I started blogging because it made me realize how many other girls are out there who dress for themselves and other women. I always get weird looks when I dress up (especially in the Midwest), but it's always worth it for the compliments from strangers. And it's so cute how much Kevin enjoys that now too :)

    And of course, this dress is absolute dream. LOVE the yellow belt and the oxfords with it.

  23. This outfit is so adorable!!! I especially love the belt and clutch. The dress is fab, too though! Your hair looks great, also.


  24. That dress is so cute! Also, you're completely right - I've yet to meet a woman who actually dressed for men. I love to get compliments on my clothes from other women, and I really don't care what guys think or say about my outfits (unless it's my one guy friend who is actually style crazy...his opinions on my outfits are actually pretty good, and not influenced by the tightness of my shirt or skirt!) It's cute that your husband enjoys the compliments you get too.


  25. love this dress I was thinking of getting it but too many black and white dresses already!
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  26. This dress is so adorable, love the quaint print and pretty styling. Thanks for taking the time to drop by :) Happy Friday!

  27. Amazing post lovely outfit!!! Amazing style

  28. thank you for the comment you left on my blog <3
    you always look so lovely :) I have hair envy! I agree with what/who you dress for!! x


    Kate from Clear the Way

  30. I love your dress, it is so pretty and you look lovely!

  31. "A compliment from another woman holds much more value than one from a man. Because let's be honest, women know what they're talking about when they tell you they like your style." -- THIS! so true. ;)

    so jealous that you have this dress! tiny animal prints are the cutest.

    erica | sweets + hearts

  32. Very pretty dress, the print is so gorgeous! love your hair too, such a great vivid colour!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  33. this dress really looks great on you! love the clutch too!

    Delightful Ideas

  34. Aw - print perfection here Ashley! I actually though it was houndstooth at first, but how clever that it's an actual hound!

    My hubs had so sister's either - though I will admit, he is just as bad as me when it comes to taking a long time to pick out an outfit for the day...ha! I've always been the same way too - never cared about what people think about my style, but fully take compliments to heart when they come my way :-)

    You look stunning as always!

  35. Oh really lovely outfit!
    The dress is pretty cute!
    But the shoes are absolutely lovely and cute!

  36. Love that dress, you look great.=)

  37. i was trying to figure out the pattern, wich animal it was.. and thank god for the closed up!!! would never guessed they were puppies <3

  38. I know the dress was supposed to be the focus of this post, but my eye was immediately drawn towards the bag and boy oh boy, it's still holding my eye. goodness, I love that bag.

    and as always, you look stunning with that hair. I'm jealous. I think I want my hair that pink but my work wont allow it.


  39. adorable outfit! i love the little yellow belt, totally tops off the whole look!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  40. That dress is sooo cute! Great pattern. You look great Ashley!


  41. Such a pretty dress!!!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

    The Fashion Heels

  42. so cute! xx

    Wanna follow each other? Let me know! :)

  43. this look is so chic, and I like how you paired it with brogues

  44. lovely dress! :D i really like it :D

  45. Love the dress and the brogues, such a lovely look!

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x

  46. I've tried to tell Eric SO many times that most women, dress (and do their hair and everything else) for other women! Not for the negativity, but to inspire, actually. :) Love you and I love your style. Well done, lady!

    xo Ashley

  47. so true and great to hear you dress for yourself and other women, compliments from other women really are the best, or gay men, which i take as even bigger compliments haha. one of my fav things about my hubs is how much he likes that i dont ever dress in tight/low cut things, and we were cracking up the other weekend when I bent over and caught him looking down my dress since we're been together for years. but anyway, such a tangent, the point is you look adorable and i love how you dressed the dress down w/ the oxfords. and your hair is just incredible!
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  48. You and I have similar attitudes. I was always made fun of for just wanting to be me in enjoying my own style and it hurt as a child, but I didn't really care because of the fact that I wasn't going to change to appease them, I just was hurt that they couldn't be nice and accept me for me. You are beautiful!

  49. Aw I love random compliments too - especially from people who actually look like they have a style of their own. I, too, dress for myself because if I look good I feel better about myself and that's always a good thing! I just love your dress here so much. I wish I had it because the print is adorable!

  50. Omg this dress is so clever, completely in love with the print!! I like how it looks like houndstooth and up close there are actual little hounds haha


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