Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Little Different


The hound sleuth dress has made its return!  I actually wear this dress a lot in real life but know I can't actually feature it on a weekly basis.  If you read my first post when I featured it, you'll know that it has a very special place in my closet.  I'm excited to show you how I now style it for the warmer months (and boy are they coming!).





Dress- Modcloth (remixed)
Belt- Forever 21
Shoes- Natural Breeze
Bag- Forever 21
Ring- Forever 21

I have this funny memory in my head from when Kevin and I first moved in together.  Kevin doesn't have any sisters, so living with a girl must have been somewhat of a "culture shock" for him.  Whenever we had plans to go to the movies or run errands he would watch the sometimes long and torturous process of picking out my outfit.  He would always ask me why I would put on such a fancy outfit (aka a dress) to do something simple like to to the grocery store.  And the answer always was, "It makes me feel good."  
I don't dress for men, otherwise I'd be stuck wearing something tight and uncomfortable.  I dress for me.  And honestly, I like to dress for other women.  A compliment from another woman holds much more value than one from a man.  Because let's be honest, women know what they're talking about when they tell you they like your style.  I have this character trait (that is sometimes considered a double edged sword) where I have never cared when people think negatively of me.  When it comes to my style I've always taken risks without thinking twice.  Some people don't like my style and I know that's okay.  But when I get a compliment I truly take it to heart.  Especially from a stranger!

Three years have passed and Kevin doesn't even ask anymore.  He knows.  And while I think he'd love to see me in something low cut and tight someday (maybe on his birthday), he knows that I'm much happier being me.  Oh, and those random compliments I get in restaurants and stores?  I think he gets happier than me when I get them.  He's one proud husband!



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