Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fancy Free


Summer is coming faster than I'd like to believe.  I'm used to always being cold (seriously, I wear a cardigan everywhere) so having bare arms out in the open makes me feel a little self conscious.  It's been months since I've indulged in my yoga workouts and the lack of sun salutations has gotten the best of me.  Although I did get back on the yoga train a few days ago and it was quite embarrassing.  Thankfully, I was doing yoga from home so the only ones snickering at my awful flexibility was my two dogs.






Top- Forever 21 (remixed)
Skirt- Modcloth
Shoes- c/o Deb Shops
Ring- Forever 21

I know I wear these shoes way too much but they're my new favorite.  I feel like they go with pretty much anything, especially this Modcloth gingham skirt.  The skirt was a gift from my brother and his fiance and I can't wait to find different ways to wear it.
On a slightly more sad note, we'll be moving away from my brother in a few short weeks.  I love that he and Alayna are right across the street.  They love going out and trying new restaurants with us and it's kind of a bummer to leave such an interesting town.  I guess it's not all sad because we're moving into our first home, but suburb living is something that I'll just have to get used to... again.  And by then we won't have the disposable income to waste on interesting restaurants that don't exist in my hometown anyway.  Everything is a give and take, and I feel like it's time to be a little less selfish and push forward to the future.


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