Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Garden Sketch

Modcloth Garden Sketch dress 005

I've avoided anything with buttons down the front for the past year.  When your proportions are completely off (no thanks to breastfeeding) one of two things happen.  Either the fit in the waist is perfect and it's completely gaping in the bust, or I'm swimming in the waist but the bust actually fits.  Because I buy almost all of my clothing online, it's just easier to avoid these situations all together.  Since I'm almost finished breastfeeding I've decided to revisit this adorable style.  It's still a tad small in the bust (but not terrible) and by the beginning of next year I'm sure it will fit perfectly.  It's exciting and also somewhat sad to see this period of time end.  I'm going to enjoy these last three months to the fullest!

Modcloth Garden Sketch dress 012

Modcloth Garden Sketch dress 008

Modcloth Garden Sketch dress 010

Modcloth Garden Sketch dress 006

Dress- Modcloth
Petticoat- Unique Vintage
Flower crown- Handmade by Hannah
Belt- Forever 21
Lipstick- Urban Decay

Bianca has been sick for the last few days and it has been tough on the both of us.  Her sleeping patterns have totally changed, she gets upset when she eats, and she's been extra cranky lately.  Babies her age normally go through a growth spurt and she's no different.  I'm hoping this passes quickly, it's hard to see her in pain.

Kevin and I have started planning our first vacation in over two years!  We're going up to the mountains early next year.  I haven't seen snow in at least 10-15 years and it will be fun to have Bianca experience it as well.  My brother and his wife are coming and so are our three dogs.  We're going to rent a cabin and get away from the world for a few days.  It's a long time coming and I'll be counting the days until then.


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