Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bright on Schedule

Modcloth Geode Bright On Schedule dress 008

It's always a good thing when I can actually get out and take pictures away from my home.  I miss the days of just feeling too embarrassed to go out and take them.  Now I need to pick my outfit, do my hair and makeup, and pack everything up while caring for a nine month old baby.  Now that the weather is finally starting to cool down, the thought of taking these little trips isn't so daunting.  Although this particular day was rough.  Just about a foot away to the left my very unhappy child was screaming at me to finish up.  I basically took these in less than five minutes and got the heck out of there!

Modcloth Geode Bright On Schedule dress 007

Modcloth Geode Bright On Schedule dress 016

Modcloth Geode Bright On Schedule dress 012

Modcloth Geode Bright On Schedule dress 005

Dress- Modcloth
Shoes- Steve Madden
Belt- from another dress
Headband- Forever 21

I purchased this dress from Modcloth during their 70% off sale a couple of weeks back.  I also had a 20% coupon so I got this dress for almost nothing!  I'd normally contact their customer service if the brand wasn't listed in the description, but since it was a mega sale and time was of the essence I just went for it.  When the dress came in I was a bit disappointed it was made by Geode.  Their dresses fit me terribly!  They're best suited for a shorter waisted person so the fit ends up looking like an empire dress on me rather than a fit and flare.  Not cute.

Surprisingly, this dress fits perfect.  There are several layers of fabric, including a crinoline, so a petticoat is not needed.  I wore this dress the day Kevin bought his new car.  The salesmen complimented it a few times!  But he was also trying to sell us a car, so I guess I shouldn't be too excited.  Either way, I love this dress and it's the perfect addition to the growing blue dress section in my closet.


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