Monday, October 27, 2014

Caged Bird

Modcloth striped dress 001

I've had this dress for years and it's easily one of my favorites.  It's super stretchy so I wore it all throughout my pregnancy.  The fabric is surprisingly thick so it works great in cooler weather.  I even own it in pink!  I had almost forgotten about it until yesterday, when the temperatures actually dropped a bit.  I couldn't resist the opportunity to finally layer up!

Modcloth striped dress 015

Modcloth striped dress 005

Modcloth striped dress 008

Dress- Modcloth (remixed here, here, and here)
Jacket- Forever 21 (similar)
Tights- H&M
Necklace- UrbanOG
Shoes- H&M

Guess what?  I got a job!  I'm now working weekends at Unique Vintage.  I've been a customer of their website for many years and I'm so excited to be working for their boutique.  I get to sell Bernie Dexter, Stop Staring, Folter, Heart of Haute, even bridal dresses!  If you live in or around the LA area and need some help putting an outfit together, come see me.  I'd be more than happy to help!




  1. You look so stunning, and I love this dress paired with the tough moto jacket. And yayyyyy new job!

    xox Sammi

  2. Love your pastel hair mixed with the edgy leather jacket paired with this dress! Oh gosh, this dress. I remember when you first posted the pink one and I kept debating whether or not to check out with it in my shopping cart.



  3. You look so pretty! Love the soft hues of your hair mixed with the leather jacket and striped dress! Hurray for your new job <3


  4. I love striped dresses and yours is great! Love the combo!

  5. Congrats on the job - and if only I lived in LA! I wouldn't be bundled up in knitwear and blankets right now, for a start... I like this edgier look from you - as ever, your hair is the icing on the cake with a monochrome outfit :) CC x

  6. Congrats on the job!! Loveee your hair like this; you look amazing!

  7. Congrats on the new job! Love your outfit--the jacket is so cool!

  8. You look amazing! Congrats on the job :) I actually got this dress a good while back through seeing it on you! - that's how I discovered your blog - I even got a yellow belt because I loved how you wore it!

    My Blog: Blueberry segmentS
    My Youtube Channel: Blueberry segmentS

  9. I love how you toughened up the dress with leather :)

  10. Congrats on the new job! I would love to work at a vintage store, despite the fact that I hated my old, normal retail job. Very cute outfit, the leather and the spike jewelry take this to a really fun, girly/tough place.

  11. I love this rockstar look! You look fierce and beautiful - the lipstick is fabulous.

    Congrats on your new job!! That sounds like it'll be a lot of fun. If I'm ever, ever in L.A., I'll make sure to prioritize a visit to the shop :)


  12. I love how you paired this dress with a leather coat and studded accents. I own the same dress and have styled it so many ways but this one I'm going to have to try. Thanks for the inspiration! Oh and it does make a wonderful autumn/ winter dress it really as a nice thick stretch to it.



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