Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lots of Dots

Bernie Dexter Lulu dress 018

I must admit, these pictures are about a month old.  I've been doing my best not to clog your feed with Bernie Dexter dresses so I've been scheduling them way far in advance.  I feel like she doesn't make too many black and white dresses so I'd consider this one unique.  Unfortunately, it's just slightly too tight in the bust.  I think I need to come to terms with the idea that my chest might not ever go back to my original size.  Getting rid of some of my older dresses has been pretty heartbreaking but it's a must.  I can't live in the past!

Bernie Dexter Lulu dress 005

Bernie Dexter Lulu dress

Bernie Dexter Lulu dress 006

Dress- Bernie Dexter (available in my store!)
Cardigan- Forever 21
Shoes- Modcloth
Ring- Modcloth

About twice a year I get the compulsion to grow out my bangs.  Right now they're ridiculously long and annoying, but I'm trying to push through and work through the awkward stage.  Now that I've seen these old photos I want to hack them off immediately!  I love what I call "Lloyd Christmas" super short bangs but they take so much upkeep.  I rarely stay on top of it so I figured growing them would be easier.  We will see though, I can't remember the last time I successfully grew them out.

I finally have my Halloween costume figured out!  Thanks to Isabella, she gave me the idea to wear my blue Geode dress (seen here) to become Belle.  Since Bianca will be in a princess Belle outfit I thought it would be the perfect pair.  Plus, it didn't cost me a dime.  We won't be going trick or treating, but we will hang out on our porch and pass out candy to all the other children in the neighborhood.

Are you dressing up this year?




  1. The black and white looks so good with your pink hair! Your halloween costumes are going to be the cutest can't wait to see!
    xo Hannah


  2. Love this whole outfit, and I think this style and color scheme are very unique for Bernie. I agree that your pink hair is such a good pairing with this ensemble.

    xox Sammi

  3. Chic! I think the simple black and white works especially well with your pastel hair. You rock the pastel chic unlike anyone!

  4. Oooh, I love the different polka dots with this. It's a fun way to do pattern mixing without having to think about it too much.
    You and your daughter's matching oostume ideas sounds really fun. I just got a set of polymer clay deer horns, so I'm dressing up as a deer and my boyfriend is going to be a hunter. Should be pretty fun.

  5. Never too many polka dots! I love the black and white look- with fun details like your shoes and pop of color with your hair. This is different for them but I dig it!

  6. It's so sad when you have to get rid of pretty clothes that don't fit any more. I would TOTALLY buy that dress if I wasn't nursing right now, but I've made myself only purchase clothes that are nursing-friendly, otherwise I will never wear them.
    I'm trying to grow my bangs out too; it's the worst thing to get through the long awkward stage, isn't it?

    1. I agree! Pretty much all my clothing choices are based upon breastfeeding ability. I can't wait until I can just wear what I want!

      Ugh, it truly is the worst. I'm in the grossest of grow out stages right now too.

  7. Cannot wait to see you and Bianca as Belles :)

    This is an adorable dress- very cute!

  8. Shame you feel like this dress doesn't fit anymore, as purely on appearances it looks great! I have a theory every girl should have monochrome polka dots in her wardrobe, too... Halloween just isn't as big a thing in the UK and I don't know anyone who's having a party this year :( nor do I have a small child to take trick or treating! But I've had a vision of being a spider for years, as really what's more terrifying?! x

    1. It's true, spiders are the scariest thing ever! I wonder why Halloween is such a massive deal out here? As a teenager I never really cared but as a mom I'm totally excited :)

  9. I love all the dots in your outfit! I'm going as Cher from Clueless this year.

  10. This dress is so cute and it's so weird to see you in a muted palette. It's a bummer this dress doesn't fit you properly, but hey, at least you'll have money for more clothes, right? Plus I stalk your store in hopes of you selling any of my favorite dresses. I'm selfish. I'm sorry. Also I love you taking photos here because it reminds me of your old apartment.

    1. I can only hope I can save up for some new stuff! If there's a dress you want let me know. If I'm not actively wearing it, it may as well go to you :).

      About the photo location: I feel the same way! It makes me a little nostalgic...

  11. 1) This outfit is a polka dot dream! The panda flats are such a cute touch.
    2) LOL that you call them "Lloyd Christmas" bangs! You wouldn't look at all like Lloyd with your bangs short, but I can only imagine the upkeep they require.
    3) It made my day to know that I helped you figure out your Halloween costume :) You'll be a beautiful Belle, and it's a nice nod to Bianca's middle name (and your blogging alias!) I'm so excited for your Halloween pictures :)


    1. Haha they're totally annoying to keep them pretty. But seeing my freshly cut bangs in pictures makes me want them back right now!

      Yes, you certainly planted the idea in my head. Thanks so much!

  12. LOVE the black and white and polka dots at the moment - adorable! I'm not sure if we'll be dressing up this year or not. I really want to, but we might be going out of town for the weekend. I'm so torn!

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

  13. Gorgeous dress, such a shame it's a bit of a tight squeeze against your ladies! I am with CiCi, black and white polkadots are a classic wardrobe essential.

    We don't generally do Halloween unless friends are having a party, which they're not this year, so we'll just perhaps have a slightly spooky themed dinner and have some sweets handy in case any local kids are brave enough to approach the spooky house on the hill.... x

  14. The bows on the dress are the perfect touch. I haven't seen Bernie Dexter dresses like that either! Ah Im growing out my bangs now too. Its going ok but even though they are almost to the point where its no longer side bangs and just hair I can tuck behind my ear (only took me 6 months) I still have the urge allll the time to cut my bangs back.


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