Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mount Desert Dreaming

Modcloth Ixia Mount Desert Dreaming dress 002

This outfit reminds me of my pre baby days.  There are definitely parts of me that I think have changed as I've become a mother.  The most obvious one is my body.  While the weight is gone, I don't think it's the same.  Besides that, I think my style has changed a bit too.  Shorter lengths make me more uncomfortable than ever!  I've also ditched most of my super high heels for more practical flats and wedges.  There are tiny moments when I like to revisit my older style choices, which is why they should definitely be featured on my blog when I do.

Modcloth Ixia Mount Desert Dreaming dress 012

Modcloth Ixia Mount Desert Dreaming dress 004

Modcloth Ixia Mount Desert Dreaming dress 016

Modcloth Ixia Mount Desert Dreaming dress 011

Dress- Modcloth
Cardigan- Sidecca
Shoes- Forever 21
Belt- Forever 21

Last night Kevin, Bianca, and I went to a surprise party for a family member.  While we have family in California, they're far enough away that we only see them a few times a year.  It was nice to be able to take a mini road trip to see everyone.  It was also the first time most of our relatives got to meet Bianca.  Since she's been born two cousins have joined the family so she met them for the first time as well.  It was a great party, great food, awesome entertainment (belly dancers!), and a very happy non grumpy baby.

Today I'll be spending time baby proofing the kitchen (boo) and carving a Hello Kitty pumpkin (yay!).  I've got all the proper tools to carve something fancy so hopefully I'll get it right the first time.  I better, I only have one pumpkin to work on!


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