Sunday, May 18, 2014

When the Sun Goes Down

modcloth bea and dot high socie-tea dress10

So remember when I said I was going to share pictures from my first Mother's Day?  Well, I didn't take any!  I guess my day was just too fun.  Kevin scheduled a surprise massage appointment and greeted me with this dress.  I've been obsessing over it for months but always felt guilty about spending so much money on one dress.  I love it to pieces!  We also went to my mother in law's home for dinner and Bianca had her first solid meal: oatmeal.  She wasn't a big fan at first but she's enjoying it a little more everyday.

modcloth bea and dot high socie-tea dress

modcloth bea and dot high socie-tea dress7

modcloth bea and dot high socie-tea dress5

modcloth bea and dot high socie-tea dress9

Dress- Modcloth
Shoes- c/o Deb Shops
Belt- Forever 21
Flower crown- Handmade by Hannah

Can we talk about this flower crown for a minute?  I'm dying over how gorgeous it is!  Hannah of The Braided Bandit has been showcasing her handmade crowns on her blog for years.  It's always been a dream to own one of her designs and a few days ago this beauty arrived at my doorstep.  I wanted it to be a complete surprise and give Hannah full creativity with my crown.  It definitely came out better than I ever could have imagined!  I think I'll be living in it all summer.

Today is extra special because I'm meeting my very close friend/hairdresser's new baby girl.  She had her on Friday and I've been dying to meet sweet little Teagan!  Bianca and Teagan are only four months apart so I'm pretty sure they'll grow up (and get in trouble) together just like we did.

Hope you're enjoying the rest of your weekend!




  1. Ahhh, the dress looks so great on you!! It's one of my fav dresses. What a lovely husband you have :) And that's exciting that Bianca had her first solid food!


  2. I love everything about this look- that floral crown looks brilliant, especially against your pink hair and that dress looks just fabulous on you.

  3. Love your dress and the flower crown! I plan to make my own creation soon!

  4. I love the colors and pattern on this dress, what a sweet gift. And Hannah nailed the flower crown- it's absolutely perfect for you!

  5. I love the dress AND the flower crown!! Both look amazing on you, especially with your pink hair.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  6. wow !! you're just wonderful !! you're just a beaut & a cut lil' mum ;))

  7. Oh Ashley, you're a vision!! The dress, the belt, the shoes, the headband - all fitting together to make a perfect whole. Seriously beautiful outfit lady! P x

  8. You look like a princess!


  9. That dress is so adorable. I think seeing it on you made me fall in love with it.

  10. Wow everything about this is perfect <3

  11. I love your hair! It's awesome :) And it looks really great with that dress!

  12. This dress is absolutely stunning on you and that floral crown is great. Also give me your hair.

  13. Love the colors but omg that wave frequency print! As a biomedical engineering major with a specialization in biophotonics, I can't help but geek out over that print.

  14. I discovered your blog by a french blogger, Letilor, and I'm in loooooove, this look is awesome !


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