Thursday, May 8, 2014

Four Months

Seriously, this month has been a total whirlwind!  I feel like she's a completely different baby since her last update.  Where should I start?  She's now laughing, singing, and teething.  Apparently she feels like growing teeth a little sooner than most babies.  It's been tough because everything is so much harder when she's in constant pain.  I know it sounds crazy but she was sleeping longer hours when she was a newborn!


She's now in her co-sleeper for most of the night.  I wasn't sleeping well (and no judgements here) because she's been sleeping in my bed since she was born.  As much as I love the bonding experience, I've come to conclusion that my sleep is more important.  She took the transition well and we get our snuggles in when she wakes up at 4am.



Bianca is finally big enough for her jumper and she loves it!  She jumps around like a maniac and sings when she's in there.  I have to limit myself but I posted a short video of her craziness on Instagram.


Tomorrow is her four month checkup which will include another set of immunizations.  I feel bad seeing her scream but it's all for the best.  I'm also pretty curious about her weight and height, she's been in the second percentile for weight and I've been trying to fatten her up ever since!  Maybe she'll just grow up to be a tall skinny model ;).

I can't imagine what my next update will be.  It's crazy to think about how much she changes in just a few short weeks...



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  1. adorable girl; hope teething gets easier!

  2. Ahh what a cutie pie! I feel like she's grown so much in such a short time!

    xox Sammi

  3. THOSE CHEEKS. OH MY GOSH... they look so pinchable!

    I can't believe Little Miss Bianca is already 4 months. Where did the time go?


  4. What a doll baby! She's beautiful, Ashley!

    Love, Amy

  5. So wonderful lil' princess so cute when she's smiling ;) M-C

  6. She really is SO tiny, but soooooo cute. :) That smile melts me, and I'm sure, you!

    xo Ashley

  7. She's such a beautiful little miracle. Congrats again a million times

  8. Your sleep is definitely more important! Asa sleeps in our room, but in his own little crib, and we get snuggles just like you, in the early morning hours. I think it's healthier for mama and baby-- he learns to sleep on his own, but is still right there if he needs me, and I get my sleep so I'm not cranky all day. :)

    Bianca is such a cutie! This age is so fun, but I'm sorry she's in pain! I have a friend who got her daughter an amber necklace to wear through teething, and it made a HUGE difference.

  9. awww so delightful!

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