Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One More Time

Ruche striped dress 6

I don't normally dress for specific holidays, but I guess my subconscious took over when I put this together for Memorial Day.  I love to mix polka dots and stripes so it wasn't surprising that this came together for a very special outing: Kevin, Bianca, and I went out to breakfast!  While this would seem mundane for other families, this was the first time Kevin and I had gone out to breakfast.  Ever.  He's not a morning or breakfast person so it never really came up.  I eventually broke him down and we went to a local popular breakfast spot.  Unfortunately, we waited an hour and twenty minutes just to get seated so I think the future of family breakfasts will be held at home.  At least I can stay in my pajamas!

Ruche striped dress 2

Ruche striped dress

Ruche striped dress 7

Ruche striped dress 3

Dress- Ruche (similar) (remixed)
Cardigan- Forever 21
Belt- from another dress
Shoes- Forever 21
Ring- Modcloth (similar)

I went out for a bra fitting over the weekend.  I changed sizes when I was pregnant and then needed a whole new set of bras now that I'm breastfeeding.  I've never had a professional fitting because I thought I knew my size...  Thought.  Boy, was I wrong!  I know this might sound stupid, but there is no better feeling than having a properly fitting bra.  I don't know how I was wearing those other ill fitting ones!   So if you haven't had a fitting in the past I'd absolutely recommend it.  I think the basics of a great outfit are properly fitting items.  That includes the undergarments as well!

I know it's only May (almost June) but wedding season is officially over for my family.  I never realized how exhausting they can actually be until we had to go to one pretty much every month this year.  My brother's wedding was last Friday and my calves are just starting to feel normal again.  My brother's one request from me was to get on the dance floor because he never dances.  Actually, he and his wife's first dance ever was at their wedding!  So I fulfilled his request and danced all night (even though I hate dancing too).  It was fun at the moment, but I paid for it even days afterwards.  Anything for my brother!



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  1. That outfit is so cute! There's a breakfast place I want to go to but the wait times are similar. It's crazy. :(

    I got properly fitted last year and it was the best thing ever. Way too many people wear the incorrect size lol

  2. So cute! I've never thought about mixing polka dots and stripes before, but it looks lovely on you c:

  3. I find this breakfast thing about Kevin to be quite disturbing...who doesn't love breakfast? Just kidding. I guess in Akron we have so few things to do and everyone is so busy that weekend brunches are totally a thing.

    Also this dress is so very pretty. Sometimes it's really fun to dress for holiday's especially the American ones!

    and...straight hair? Who are you?!

    1. I figured this would irk you especially. The first time we ever went to "brunch" was when you came out to CA! It's definitely Kevin, I love breakfast!

      P.S. Straight hair = lazy that day. Always.

  4. The breakfast thing kind of cracked me up. I had a friend like that in college. Just didn't like breakfast. Glad you gave it a try though!

    You look darling and summer ready which, to my mind, seems to be an entire season for red, white and blue. :)

  5. Aren't perfect fitting bras the best?! I found out my true size last year and it makes all the difference in both how my clothes fit and how I feel. :)

    xo Kimi

  6. That dress is completely adorable on you!!

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  8. What a lovely dress and its so flattering on you! :)

  9. As a morning person, I have a tough time wondering how non-morning people can survive without breakfast. It's pretty much the best meal ever (especially on brunch days that make chicken and waffles socially acceptable morning foods haha).

    Loved your family photo at breakfast with Ms. B. The three of you are too cute!



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