Friday, May 30, 2014

Inspiration: Swing Dresses

Other than my obsession with wearing dresses, I don't see myself as having a defined style.  I love certain aspects of my pieces (novelty prints, pockets) but I feel like I'm open to a lot of different styles.  Over winter I was quite smitten with smock dresses and this summer I can't get another style out of my mind: swing dresses.  I think they're really easy to throw on, they compliment pretty much all figures, and they provide enough coverage for a mildly modest dresser like myself.  I've compiled a list of my favorite ones and I'm sharing them with you today!

modcloth Graceful Greenery Dress in Dog Park
This Bernie Dexter dress is a dream come true.  As a mom to three chihuahuas, this dress made me a little weak in the knees.  I need it in my life!

ruche Brenda Dress In Plum Floral By Queen Of Heartz
I'll admit, the first time I saw this dress it was instant attraction.  Look at that scalloped neckline!  I love how full the skirt is too.  I think this would be gorgeous with a full petticoat.

modcloth Neyla Dress in Bleu
It's actually a little embarrassing that I own very few solid colored pieces.  While this dress is mostly solid, it has just a hint of polka dot that keeps me interested.  It's the subtle details that I really like about this one.

modcloth High Socie-tea Dress in Floral
I own this Bea & Dot beauty in the Macaron print so it's not surprising that I love the floral print as well.  The fit of this dress is perfection.  I especially love that the length is well past my knee.  It can be hard for me to find dresses with a great fit and a decent length!

Ruche Paris Stripe Dress By Dear Creatures
Dear Creatures is definitely one of my favorite brands and I adore this summery dress.  It's such an interesting neckline (I think that's my new "thing") and the bow right in the middle is the icing on the cake!

modcloth Who's That Lovely Ladybug Dress
At first glance I just saw this as a cute red and black polka dot dress.  But if you look again you see the adorable ladybugs printed all over it!  This neckline is so pretty too, it's hard not to love this one!

What do you think about swing dresses?  Do you have a favorite company/store you like to buy them from?  Let me know, I'm always on the hunt for a great dress!



P.S. There's a HUGE $10 and under sale going on in my shop!  It's only going to last until the weekend so click HERE to score some super cute pieces!  I think I'll be adding some bags and accessories as well :)


  1. I love swing dresses; you've chosen some good ones. I see a lot on Modcloth, though I'm trying to look for other stores, and Trashy Diva and Betty Page.


    Haha, I love swing dresses so much!

    Have a great friday,

  3. OMG a dog dress.. need this in my life!!

    You have so many cute things in your shop.. wish I could squeeze myself into a size S lol

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I love swing-style dresses, I think they're so flattering!

  5. all very pretty! I would love to have a swing go dancing in! Last one is my fave!

    Oh and guess what?? I live in SoCal now =)

  6. I love swing dresses! I especially love the dog print one as a dog mommy myself and the bright red too it. I also died a little bit over the Dear Creatures one, like the bow made my heart melt.

  7. I'm a huge fan of swing dresses too! I think it's the fuller skirts that get me. It makes hiding food babies so easy! haha :)


  8. Wow! I love all those dresses you picked out:) They are just so vintage-y and look like a style of dress people in the 50s would wear!
    xo Olivia

  9. So many cute dresses! I want them all!

  10. There's just too many perfect dresses here..I'm swooning <3


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