Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How To Care For Pastel Hair

Last year I dyed my purple/pink hair back to a natural brown when I was pregnant.  Pretty much from that day forward I couldn't wait until I could dye my hair a pretty color again!  I was a little hesitant, only because I know the commitment and care that comes with keeping a pinky hue.  So I guess now is a better time than ever to share my secrets on how to keep that pastel hair last!

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Be committed to washing your hair less
Like, a lot less.  I've always been an every other day washer but I've cut that down significantly.  I aim for about 1-2 times a week.  It's no secret that washing your hair strips the color out.  Unfortunately, when you have a light pastel color it shows after every wash.  My pink fades to a really nice peachy color after a few washes but I like to freshen the color often.

Opt out of those hot showers
This rule kind of sucks but it really helps.  On the days I do wash my hair, I have a lukewarm to cold shower.  When you take a shower in warm water the color strips significantly.  I've never really liked hot showers so I can manage but I know how important they are to others!

pink hair pravana pink sparks pink kiss pastel hair pravana review sparks review

Use high quality color
This is kind of a no brainer but it's important!  At the moment I'm using Pravana Pink and Sparks Pink Kiss.  They're essentially the same thing but Sparks happens to be a bit cheaper.  One box of Pravana doesn't run higher than fifteen dollars and Sparks is about seven.  The high quality stuff isn't really that expensive, but remember that it may take a few boxes for one application and you have to reapply often.  I can make one box work on my current hair length, but I'll up it to two when I really want to saturate it.

Conditioner is your friend
I have about four different conditioners that I use on the regular.  Because of the frequent bleachings (those roots are kicking after three to four weeks!) I make sure to take extra care for my hair.  I'd recommend a great wash out conditioner, leave in conditioner, and hair serum.  I use the last two on the days I don't wash.  It's quite a routine!

pink hair pravana pink sparks pink kiss pastel hair pravana review sparks review

I'll be posting a list of products later in the month (this mom has simply run out of time!) that I prefer to use.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below :).


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