Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pink and White


I love white dresses.  I have about six or seven of them but they rarely make their way out of the closet.  If you haven't noticed, I'm not a huge accessories person.  I understand how they can totally change an outfit but for some reason I just don't like to wear a lot of jewelry.  I have a hard enough time remembering to wear my wedding ring!  Because a white dress needs a lot of accessories around it I just tend to skip past them.  I'm trying my best to get out of my comfort zone though!





Dress- ?
Belt- Forever 21
Shoes- Modcloth
Headband- Etsy
Necklace- Gift
Bracelet- Forever 21

I'm wearing my new flats from my Current Loves post!  I love the mermaid print.  It's subtle enough to wear with a pretty dress but has just enough flair for my taste.  They're super comfortable too.  You know what's not comfortable?  This headband!  I actually wore it at my wedding and I think I had a headache for two days after that.  I wish it weren't so aggravating because it's so pretty.  I never wear it for more than a couple of hours to avoid the aftermath.  What a shame :(.

Yesterday we took Bianca to her first wedding.  She was so good!  Daddy and daughter were color coordinated and it was adorable.  I don't like leaving her with a sitter too much and it was nice to spend some time together as a family.  Today Bianca's friend Pearl is having her second birthday party.  Apparently there's going to be a petting zoo so you know I'm pretty psyched to pet some animals... Maybe even more than the kids!




  1. You look gorgeous, as always! Love the flats, they're too cute! :)


  2. Awwww that wedding sounded adorable. Coordinating babies and daddies are always the best. ;)

    Pink and mint are perfect Spring additions to a white dress. Keep at it! You're good at this accessorizing thing.


  3. Your hair is so gorgeous!

    I find the same thing with headbands.


  4. I like white dresses because it's like a blank canvas that you can mix with lots of different things, but I actually don't really have a white dress. I need to get one! Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets headaches from headbands. I hate that!

  5. You look darling and did great accessorizing this.

  6. Girl, that shade of pink on you in your hair is gorge!

  7. I love white dresses at this time of year. They're so summery and fun, especially with your pink locks!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  8. such a beautiful color on you love that dress!

  9. i agreed with you about the white dress with accessories..i bought a lots but never really wear them..i'm just not accessories girl..and white dress is definetly not my comfort zone..but i will buy 1 or 2 pieces for stand-by..

    xo josephine

  10. i love summery white dresses...i can never pass up a good one at the store! love the pink belt!

  11. Ooooooo! How pretty and girly! I love it and the flats are so darling!


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