Sunday, April 20, 2014

Honey Bunny

Modcloth cream tweed dress

To those who celebrate, happy Easter!  I'm having a very low key Easter this year so I wanted to put together a cute but comfortable outfit.  I think it's pretty fitting that I wanted to include lots of pastels.  I started with a somewhat blank canvas: my new tweed Modcloth dress.  I then built around it using pastel accessories.  I don't normally wear statement necklaces but this one was perfect for the outfit and occasion.  I added one of my favorite cardigans and pretty much stopped there.  I think my hair was enough of an accessory that I didn't want to go overboard.




Dress- Modcloth (via swap) (similar)
Cardigan- Forever 21
Shoes- UrbanOG
Necklace- Forever 21

Oh Tommy, always trying to photobomb my outfit shots :)

Last night Kevin and I went out to Hollywood for a dear friend's birthday.  It was also the first time we left Bianca with a babysitter.  I was dreading it for days!  Our sitter is someone we know, but I just felt guilty leaving her with someone who wasn't a family member.  I freak out with pretty much every "first".  When I had to take her to a doctor's appointment that involved going on the freeway I was nervous as well.  I'm just extremely protective, pretty much like any other new mother out there!




  1. Happy Easter! I love how pastel was your theme!

    xoxo, The Occasional Indulgence

  2. Happy Easter Ashley :-). That material of the dress is so chanelesque :-). Very classic and beautiful :-)


  3. Happy Easter! I love that dress and cardigan, so cute.

  4. So cute! Love your hair and the colors!

  5. You look so sweet, definitely perfect for easter! I'm so jealous of your hair colour, it's beautiful. I'm sure all new mothers are just the same. :)

  6. Did you enjoy your outing once it was underway though? You look great. I like how you let your hair take center stage with this look.

  7. Happy Easter!! For a low-key day, you're dressed so well! It's so funny that your cat photobombs you. My dog did the same thing the other day.

    I totally understand how you'd be nervous with all of the "firsts," but I think that just makes you a good mom!
    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  8. This tweed dress is so cool! You'll be able to wear it a ton of different ways! I love it with that pretty teal cardigan and your gorgeous pink hair.
    I hope you had a good outing even if you were nervous about leaving Bianca. I'm sure most new mothers are nervous about everything just like you. Sometimes I worry that I won't be nervous enough when that time comes haha. Though I'm a born worrier so I probably will be.

  9. Every time I see pictures of you, I become more and more obsessed with your hair. Love everything about this look! The nude dress with colorful accessories is perfect.

  10. Well you look adorable and I completely understand the woes of "the firsts". I saw my sister in law go through that twice. Ha ha! It's pretty much normal for Mother's to feel that way. Like a Momma Bear! I love the simple dress with the idea of adding layers and color to it. You look like a pretty Easter Egg!

  11. I can only imagine how nervous you'll be with all those "firsts"! Did you have a good time out? :D

    Your outfits + hair are perfect!

  12. Oh, wow! This outfit looks perfectly springy! Love your hair, too!

  13. Beige and mint are so perfect together!!! I never knew that... Really love your cardigan and you looked perfectly stunning in this dress!

    xo josephine

  14. Awe you look adorable! Hair, outfit, everything perfection! Hope you had a great Easter! :)


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