Thursday, April 17, 2014

Be Mine This Time

Hell Bunny polka dot skirt

I can't tell you how happy I am to wear crop tops this year.  The crop top/high waist is one of my favorite looks.  Unfortunately (but not really), I was busy growing a belly last year!  While I'm not back to my pre baby weight yet, this combo is perfect for hiding your extra chub without looking matronly.  It's not about covering everything up, but strategically averting the eye to more "favorable" places.





Top- Sidecca (similar)
Skirt- Hell Bunny (similar)
Shoes- Forever 21
Necklace- UrbanOG
Hat- Forever 21
Ring- Modcloth

I've been looking for a cute swimsuit for about a month now.  This year I plan on buying a high waist two piece but I can't seem to decide which one!  I've always been a confident online shopper but swimsuits kind of scare me.  I'm not certain about my size and I'm worried how the fit will be once I order one.  Has anyone else purchased a swimsuit online?  Any advice?

This Sunday we are having a small gathering for Easter.  It's just going to be Kevin, Bianca and I at my mother in law's house.  Normally Kevin's brother would be attending too but he's enjoying Coachella this weekend.  I'm really happy that it's going to be so small this year.  With my crazy schedule these last few weeks it's exactly what I need: nice quiet family time :).




  1. Oh my goodness! This is an adorable look!

    Happy Easter to you.

  2. you remind me of minnie're so cute in polka dots!! enjoy your lovely weekend!!

    xo josephine

  3. Gahh you look so so cute. I love this look on you! I wish I could pull off the crop top trend (this would probably be the only way I could do it). And yes, I've bought lots of swimsuits online! Some turned out better than others. I have a few different high-waisted two pieces from ModCloth that turned out pretty well. It's annoying when they sell them as one piece (like S, M, L) instead of separates because I'm definitely two different sizes. I've heard good things about the Esther Williams line, but I've also heard you have to size up about 3 sizes to get your correct one. I've had decent luck at ASOS, too. It's kind of always a gamble whether a high-waisted bottom will flatter or hinder... oh, and I love the Fables by Barrie line! ModCloth sells their stuff, but they're also on Etsy and have their own site. Hope this helps!

    xox Sammi

  4. I love this look Ashley!!! You look amazing!

  5. This is one of my favorite summertime looks. I love high-waists and crop tops! Regarding bathing suits, because I have a big bust I need a lot of support so I will not order something that doesn't have underwire. I shoot for things that come in actual band/cup sizes rather than S, M, L. Try I just ordered from there! They have every size ever and you can order your bra size and then your bottom size, so no need to worry if they are different! I haven't ordered a bathing suit from them before this one, but I have ordered bras and am happy with them!

    1. Thanks for referring me to that website! Since I'm breastfeeding I don't fit in most bathing suits and they have every size. Amazing!

  6. Oh I love this look! So sweet for warmer summer weather <3

  7. I love that skirt!! I've never yet been brave enough to order a swimsuit online!

  8. Aw small easter sounds perfect! I LOVE this high waisted skirt and crop top combo, I have been trying to fill my shop with little two piece looks like this! Also, who knew, pink hair looks SO good with everything!!! :)

  9. I own 2 two piece swimmies and I bought them both online (one from Modcloth and one from Amazon). I was scared too, but the return policy from those sites are pretty chill so it's not a big deal if it doesn't fit (maybe disappointing though lol). I'm really happy with the swimmies I ordered, I just made sure to measure myself and compare with the swimsuit specs. I'm looking forward to the high waisted/crop top weather too :)

  10. such a playful outfit! i really love how happy you look in these pictures!

    a small bit

  11. You look like Minnie Mouse and I love it :) I always like your more... retro/edgy looks. Just my taste. Hope you have a great Easter, girl.

    xo Ashley

  12. Wow, this is such a cute look on you! Love the red/white/black and polka dot combo! I need a fun skirt like that to twirl around in. Good luck with bathing suit shopping!

    Foreign Room

  13. Pretty pretty, I love the crop top!


  14. Hi Ashley. I haven't had as much time to comment on your blog in recent times but I still read all your posts as much as I can and it has been really wonderful to follow your journey this year and see your beautiful Bianca...looking as stylish as ever. polka dots are my favourite and I love the crop top trend too.

  15. I love this outfit! You are definitely rocking that crop top, and I love that skirt! It reminds me of Minnie Mouse (in the BEST way!). You are so precious! I hope you have a fabulous Easter! xo

  16. Wow, gorgeous skirt!! I also love that you're rocking a crop top in a totally classy way. I'd be so scared that I'd look like I'm trying to be 16 again in a crop top, but maybe I'm wrong!

    Enjoy the quiet Easter weekend :)

    xo Jackie
    Something About That


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