Friday, April 25, 2014

Inspiration: Swimsuits

I've been a little obsessed with swimsuits lately.  I haven't purchased a new one in a couple years so I've been on the hunt for one for months.  I knew I wanted something retro inspired, but when I looked into Modcloth's vast selection I kind of went crazy!  Here are my top picks (and P.S. a lot of their suits are 20% off... Click HERE to view some more):

This one is definitely the front runner.  It also comes in red which makes me even more conflicted!  I love the full coverage and it seems like it really holds well in the bust.

This print is so cute!  Of course I'd love a great novelty print on a swimsuit.  I also like the subtle detail on the top.

I'm kind of sad this one is out of stock because I love the gingham print.  Thankfully, this one is also available in red (and it's on sale!)

I think this is my personal favorite from the two pieces I've looked at.  Unfortunately, it isn't available just yet and those cups look like they're better suited for a smaller busted woman.  Random fact: I'm actually allergic to bananas!

This is a more modest piece but equally as cute as the others.  The little ruffled bottom is so cute and feminine!

The perfect ruffled swimsuit!  Even though it's a two piece the ruffles somehow make it more modest.  I've never seen anything like it :)

I went ahead and bought one of these today.  Can you guess which one?  Have you purchased your swimsuit for summer yet?


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