Thursday, April 10, 2014

She's My Silver Lining

Modcloth Paper Moon Floral Dress

This is an outfit I wore to a baby shower over the weekend.  A very close friend of mine is due in May and I couldn't wait to celebrate with her.  We've been friends since we were fifteen so it's been such a wonderful experience growing up together.  She is also having a girl so I'm sure our babies will grow up to be just as great of friends as we are.  Oh yeah, she's also the genius behind my new hair color so you can imagine how much I appreciate her :)





Dress- Modcloth (similar
Tights- H&M
Ring- Modcloth
Clutch- Forever 21

Both the dress and the cat ring were a part of my Stylish Surprise bundle from last week.  Not going to lie, I normally get some pretty weird stuff!  This time I had better luck and scored two dresses, this ring, and a pretty tunic.  I also got a pair of shoes but they totally weren't my style so I swapped them for a pretty tweed dress.  I had almost lost hope in Stylish Surprise but they sucked me right back in!

This weekend is my soon to be sister in law's bachelorette party.  The wedding is only a few weeks away so it will be nice to relax and celebrate before it's crunch time!  The plan is to go to the spa, have a nice dinner, and go back to my house to watch movies.  Nothing too crazy but the perfect balance of relaxation and fun.  This also happens to be one of the craziest months for me.  Every weekend day is filled with some sort of event.  I love being with my friends and family, but I'll be happy when Kevin, Bianca, and I can have some family time alone.  Speaking of B, here is her Easter Bunny picture:


She's so tiny!  My little cupcake!




  1. I love this look! I like when floral is mixed with black. It always makes for an interesting look.
    That's so amazing that you guys have been friends since you were 15 and get to raise your kids together! I have friends like that and I hope we get to do the same! :)

  2. That dress is such a beautiful surprise and compliments your hair perfectly - coincidence? ;) I'm also nervous getting these surprise packages from Modcloth but after seeing yours and Hannah's I'm convinced I need to hop on that next time.

    Have fun at the bachelorette party! :)

  3. Whoa-- that is an AWESOME stylish surprise you got this time around! I totally bailed on the last round considering how strange some of the dresses I've received in the past have been. Now I'm tempted all over again when ModCloth announces the next round.

    Hope you have a ton of fun at the bachelorette party!


  4. Wow you' re just awesome !! Your sunnies are just to die for :D Congrats dear you rule !!

  5. Oh! How wonderful that your friend is also having a little girl- and one who'll be so close in age to Bianca.

    You look lovely of course! The Stylish Surprises always seem like such a gamble but then someone gets something cool like this and I wished I tried too! lol.

  6. That's such a great dress, and it totally matches your hair! I think B stole the show in that last picture though. She's so cute!!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  7. Oh my gosh! That photo of Bianca and the bunny is so CUTE!

    You are looking all kinds of pin-up gorgeousness in that dress and hair. Love it!


  8. I love how the pink flowers match your hair!! Beautiful!

  9. Guuuurl! You look flawless! I'm loving everything about this outfit post!

  10. Aw Bianca and the Easter Bunny! She looks so relaxed when babies usually look like they're in utter terror around the Easter Bunny! Love it!
    Also you look so awesome. I've been loving your lighter pink hair so much. Your new dress is super gorgeous on you and those sunglasses are da bomb.

  11. I'm always way too nervous about Stylish Surprises, but these look great! Love that dress on you <3

  12. wow,i love your dress!! this is just so perfect on you and your hair color totally mix well with the whole're pretty,girl

    xo josephine

  13. Your hair color looks fantastic and that dress is so perfect on you :) I've been having some super busy weekends as well and am glad to finally have a mellow one this weekend. And that picture of Bianca and the Easter Bunny is seriously adorable.

  14. I've ust dicovered your blog, but I really enjoy your posts, your style is adorable. ^^

  15. Wow what a great dress! And teheh I love how it matches perfectly with your hair. Random question-do you try to color coordinate your clothes with your pink hair or does it not really matter too much? Anyway, I haven't visited your blog in awhile-probably since you were still expecting. So congrats on your newest member:)
    Hugs & Kisses, Olivia

  16. This dress looks so good with your hair!!
    Pretty Lovely

  17. That dress is perfect! The print is so cute!


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