Friday, June 26, 2015

What's On My Radar: Current Loves

My monthly picks are a little late this time around because I had way too many outfits to post!  While I may not enjoy the actual heat of summer, I love being able to take a walk after dinner or go on a date night and not to have to worry about layering.  As a perpetually cold person, cardigans are a lifesaver in everyday life.  But when we hit the summer months it's all about letting your outfit shine.  Here are a few favorites:

Voodoo Vixen
Voodoo Vixen
2. Alessandra Dress
3. Victoria Dress
4. Vivenne Dress
5. Carmen Dress

Voodoo Vixen is a wonderful brand with lots of options.  They have a massive amount of fun prints, most dresses come in a wiggle and a swing version, and they offer plus sizes.  I'm not normally a leopard print person but that Vivenne dress is calling my name!

2. Sunshine Stepping Wedge
3. Pretty, Pretty Picnic Dress
4. Beach Blanket Bingo Two Piece Swimsuit
5. Nothin' But Blue Skies Dress

 I can't even tell you how obsessed I am with that ice cream dress.  Ever since I saw it on my bestie, Sammi, I knew it had to be mine!  I'm also eying that lavender two piece because I literally can't pass anything up in that shade of purple.

Pinup Girl Clothing
2. Ava Dress in Blue and Mauve Floral Satin
3. Darling Dames Skirt in Monster Print
4. Junebugs Dress in Birdcage Print
5. Bernadette Dress in Dusty Rose

Have you seen the Coming Soon section of the PUG site lately?  Junebugs and Georgia Peaches just started dropping and the new dresses from Laura Byrnes and Deadly Dames are so pretty!  Also, petite friendly circle skirts with pockets.  I'm so psyched!

1. Pretty Little Paris Eiffel Tower Brooch
2. Pinup Mermaid Neverland Mermaid Lagoon Brooch
3. Curious Leaves from Alice in Wonderland Brooch
4. Sweet Little Seahorse Brooch
5. Dapper Dan Straw Boater Hat Brooch

My lovely friend Amanda turned me on to this wonderful shop filled with the cutest novelty brooches.  I'm not one for jewelry in particular but I love a great brooch!  The mermaid is definitely my favorite, I actually have one coming to me as I write this.  There's also a super cute Dole Whip number if you're looking for something kitschy and sweet!

What's on your wishlist this month?  Let me know in the comments below!




  1. I caved and got myself the pretty picnic dress from ModCloth. I am crossing my fingers its a flattering fit - looks like it could go either way! It was time for a new yellow summery dress!

  2. Funny you should purposely point out the leopard dress and ice cream dress because when I opened up this post, my eyes went there first! (Well, first in each section lol). I'm also excited about the Darling Dames skirts!


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