Sunday, April 5, 2015

Like A Fox

Happy Easter!  I'm still recovering from a combination of too much candy/soda and the wonderful time I had with my family.  Thanks to Viva Las Vegas occurring on Easter weekend (like every year), I enjoyed the same two days off with Kevin.  While I thought we'd do a lot more family outings, we ended up spending most of our time at home.  It was relaxing and exactly what I needed after these past few weeks!

Bernie Dexter Paris Pinup dress in Fox print 027

Bernie Dexter Paris Pinup dress in Fox print 003

Bernie Dexter Paris Pinup dress in Fox print 021

Bernie Dexter Paris Pinup dress in Fox print 007

Bernie Dexter Paris Pinup dress in Fox print 036

Shoes- Bettie Page
Belt- Forever 21
Petticoat- Unique Vintage

As you may already know, I'm obsessed with the Bernie Dexter Paris style dress.  I have four of them in my closet but they come in a vast amount of adorable prints.  It's a great cut on pretty much every body type and really comfortable for everyday wear.  This is my first orange colored dress and I really like the way to contrasts with my hair.  Plus, who doesn't love a cute fox print?




  1. Love the color of this and also how full but not overwhelming the petticoat makes this. Have a good wee!

    1. Thanks! I love this petticoat, it provides the perfect amount of fullness :)

  2. Beauuuuutiful! This dress is fantastic on you, and it's such a good fit for the black Sunjellies bag. I can't wait for our post on Wednesday ;)

    xox Sammi

  3. A-Maz-Ing!!! I love this dress and with your lavendar colored locks it looks even better! I seriously want to see what your closet looks like. I picture it exploding with ruffles and dresses! You look great lady and it's good to hear you got some R&R in your life.

    1. Haha my closet is mostly just exploding. I need to comb through and get rid of some stuff!

  4. What a great dress! Your hair always looks amazing.


  5. That is such a fabulous print! I know foxes are kind of everywhere, but I just never get tired to seeing them - it's just such a fun, cheerful, and whimsical print. Once again, I'm kind of in awe of how versatile your hair really is. I would never have put orange and lilac together, but it really works well. It's like eating orange sherbet in a garden where the lilacs grow or something.

    1. I agree! Fox prints are kind of everywhere but I fell in love with this particular dress. Thank you so much <3

  6. LOVE the fox print on this dress! The cut and fit also looks perfect on you.

    I haven't been commenting much lately (sorry), but I really wanted to let you know how much I have been loving your style lately. I feel like you came out of your shell in the last few months and really started to rock your style. It's so inspirational to see how much you confidently flaunt (ok, maybe that was the wrong word, but it's the first one that came to mind) your style. Whenever I see your outfit posts, they totally have a signature Ashley flare to them and it's so refreshing! Instead of following trends, you know your own body and style and OWN IT.

    Oops, sorry for the slight fan girly moment. Just wanted you to know how much of a beautiful woman I think you are on both the inside and out. Hope we get to hang out again soon!!


    1. Girl, you're going to make me cry! I've been AWFUL on the commenting lately so I totally understand. I kind of went through an identity crisis after I had Bianca but I feel like it really pinpointed the style I was going for. You're never too old to learn something new!

      Thank you so much. You know I love you and think you're smart, gorgeous, successful, and an amazing cook. Basically please be my wife, haha!

    2. um... yes please!! how do i sign up?? haha

  7. Yea, there's no way I'd say no to that fox print. Also, Katrina literally took the words out of my mouth. Before I got to the comment section I was literally thinking about how much your style developed after you had little B. I was thinking back to your blog when you and Kev were just dating and how much more defined and emboldened your style is now. It really is an inspiration and it's so wonderful to see your personality through your dresses. You're killing it :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  8. Oh I'm so happy I've just discovered your blog, you're so stunning. That dress is so cute, I've always wanted a Bernie Dexter dress but they're really expensive to import in the UK :-( one day though! haha.

    I'm so looking forward to reading more of your posts

    Sarah" xo

  9. I absolutely adore this look! I'm going to second what Marlen and Katrina said -- I feel like your style has really taken off after you had B! You've grown from being that girl whose style I liked to that blogger who is definitely one of my style icons and you inspire me so much to make more efforts in getting dressed and wearing what I want to wear and not worrying about sticking out (shyness!). Plus, your hair is just glorious, and I'm seriously thinking I need to cut mine off because your hair game is always on point!

    And I would not be able to resist that fox print, either!
    Have a wonderful day, Ashley!


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