Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Love You Brunches

Modcloth Love You Brunches Hell Bunny Karen dress 018

A few weeks ago I needed a black dress for a funeral.  Thankfully I didn't need to go out and buy one because I had just that: one black dress.  I guess it doesn't come as too much a surprise but I do see that it's not the worst thing to have a few in my closet.  While this isn't a plain black dress, it's certainly a little bit different from what I gravitate towards.  The color (obviously) and the button down style can be tricky for me.  I hate having those gaping areas on the chest when the top is too tight but this dress fits like a dream.  Looks like another dress was destined for my closet...

Modcloth Love You Brunches Hell Bunny Karen dress 008

Modcloth Love You Brunches Hell Bunny Karen dress 014

Modcloth Love You Brunches Hell Bunny Karen dress 010

Modcloth Love You Brunches Hell Bunny Karen dress 003

Belt- Forever 21
Petticoat- Unique Vintage
Shoes- c/o Deb Shops (similar)
Flower crown- Forever 21

Like I mentioned last week, I had to say goodbye to Helena on Sunday.  We all had to come dressed as her which turned out to be hilarious!  Everyone was rocking a big bow in their hair and we all did our best to pose just like her.  I didn't get to stay long (Kevin was on B duty while I was out) but I'm glad I had the chance to see her one last time before she left.  Looks like I need to start planning a San Francisco trip soon!






  1. The pops of yellow with the black dress is an amazing look! I have almost no yellow in my closet, but you've just convinced me to hunt for a few small pieces. I love that everyone committed to full Helena attire for the party, you all look adorable!


  2. You are seriously just so adorable! I love the yellow crown and belt. So cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. I went to a funeral recently too and fortunately had a black patterned skirt in my wardrobe (in my latest outfit post in fact, although that's a complete coincidence!) - I felt quite self conscious though, like everyone wearing plain black attire was judging me for being too fancy. So not sure I'll do that again. One woman commented it looked like id had my hair done professionally too so that didn't help!! Anyway, ramble aside, I love black and yellow together and I love this dress on you! It's so rewarding when button down dresses don't gap, isn't it! CC x

  4. I have a total lack of black in my closet too (one of my only black dresses is a Lindy Bop one, and I really don't love the way it fits). And omg, I absolutely love the pops of yellow in this outfit. I think I told you that I have this dress in the lilac, and I really hated the way it fit at first, but now I love it.

    xox Sammi

  5. I love the pops of yellow in this dress.

  6. Gaping button down tops are evil. Hate it so much. The black dress has got me thinking that I only have one too but it's a bodycon. So not appropriate for a thing like that. D:

    I saw that picture of you two on instagram and was wondering what hair magic you did to hide your bangs!

  7. Beautiful dress, very stylish and well-fitting on you. I am the opposite and have about twenty black dresses!! Still don't own the perfect LBD, they're mostly work-appropriate ones so not the sexy black cocktail dress that I think I need to buy. P x

  8. Omg you girls look all amazing on that group photo! Love it!

    Check out my latest OUTFIT POST and feel free to enter my Oasap autumn giveaway !
    XoXo Venoma
    Venoma's fashion diary

  9. That first outfit is killing me with cuteness! So sorry for your loss. :( xx

  10. oh wow, look at all of you!! how fun, and you all obviously knew her well...loving all the big bows!!

  11. The yellow ended up being the perfect pop of color for a B&W dress. And you're right- as sad of a reason as that is, I think it is good to have enough black for one nicer outfit for funerals (well, in Wyoming most people just dress in jeans but still!). I am sorry to hear about your loss, too.

    On a happier note, you and everyone at Helena's farewell party are freaking ADORABLE! How lovely of friendships.

  12. Only 1 black dress?! Wow! :D

    Try living in NZ. All black all the time. It's a bit gothic really. I wear far too much colour to truly be fashionable - LOL.

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

  13. This dress is amazing! It looks like pure 50s goodness and looks wonderful on you too. I can't resist polka dots. The touches of yellow in this outfit are perfect with it too.

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  14. Haha, awww! I love that you all dressed like her! That last shot is so nice! And beautiful outfit once again! Love the yellow wedges!

  15. We're always so inspired by your outfit posts! The flower crown and pops of yellow are pure perfection!

  16. I surprisingly actually have a few black dresses in my closet. I think they are good go to's and then I can really play up the accessories! I think polka dots is a great twist on a plain black dress. The yellow really adds a lot. That group photo is perfection, especially if you didnt plan to all look the same!

  17. I have the same problem as you- virtually no black dresses! In theory, it sounds like the opposite of a problem, but there are those special occasions where you need one so you have pretty much nothing to wear. I love this little polka dot number on you! And the yellow accessories go so nicely with it (:

  18. I just found your blog through the guest post on Georgia Peaches, and I'm already loving it! That's so cool you had a going away party where you dressed like your friend! I went to going away party like that for a best friend a few years ago and it was a massive party of pink outfits and blonde wigs!


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