Monday, September 8, 2014

Eight Months

It's true, my little angel is eight months old today!  Lots of new milestones to report.  First off, she's standing now.  It's absolutely terrifying considering our entire ground floor is hard wood or tile.  She's already had her share of bumps from all the exploring she's done.  While it's still scary, I'm getting used to the fact that I can't hover over her all the time.  She loves to stand against the table, her walker, and especially her crib.

Bianca 8 months 095
Speaking of her crib, she's finally starting sleeping in it!  While she hasn't spent an entire night in there, she usually gets up between the 1 and 3 in the morning.  I'm hoping she will eventually sleep long enough to stop her night feedings but we just aren't there yet.  I'm in no rush.  The more she eats, the more healthy weight she gains.

Bianca 8 months 037
I've been having lots of fun this past month with her food.  She is much more familiar with chewing now so she often gets little bits of things I eat.  She really loves turkey, cheese, and pears.  I'm still giving her mostly pureed food but it's nice to have more options.

Bianca 8 months 059
Teething is still a huge issue.  Bianca now has eight teeth.  The minute one pops through, another starts to bother her.  I have a feeling it won't stop until she has the full set.  I feel bad because it seems like she's always uncomfortable.  Let's just hope she either gets a break or she grows them all quickly!

Bianca 8 months 071
My little monster starting babbling more too.  Her favorite is "bababa" but we've heard her also switch to "mamama".  Does that count as her first word?  I would love to have mama come before dada!  I think it's just wishful thinking...

Bianca 8 months 047

I'll be taking her to the photo studio for some nine month shots.  Maybe by then we will have some pictures of her standing on her own :).  I have a feeling she will be walking before her first birthday.  Bianca, stop growing up so fast!

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