Friday, August 8, 2014

Seven Months

I know she's only seven months old but I feel like she's a completely different baby.  Last month she was barely crawling.  This month she's jetting all over the place!  There are bite marks on pretty much every piece of furniture in our house.  A mobile teething baby is a lot like having a puppy: So destructive!

Bianca 7 months 009

Her weight has gone up considerably.  She was teetering on the second percentile at her four month doctor's appointment.  Her most recent appointment she was up to the ninth!  I know it's still pretty low, but any improvement is a win in my book.

Bianca 7 months 054

She now eats three solid meals a day with breast feedings in between and at night.  She's such a good eater!  I make my own organic baby food which is cheaper but very time consuming.  If I'm not with Bianca I'm making her food, cleaning the food processor, freezing or defrosting her food, or cleaning up her food mess.  I've always looked forward to less breast feedings but I never realized how time consuming it was.

Bianca 7 months 062

This is less about Bianca but very related to having a baby.  If you don't know, hair loss is a very big side effect postpartum.  I started losing my hair when Bianca was about three months old.  It was coming out in chunks!  While it's definitely slowed down, I still find my hair everywhere.  Luckily I don't have any bald spots but my hair is at about half its fullness.  I did start growing new hair though.  There are baby hairs all over my head!  It feels really spiky and weird but I'm happy it's coming back.

Bianca 7 months 028

When it comes to sleeping, she's back in my bed.  I felt guilty about this for awhile but I've definitely made peace with it now.  Bianca is our only child and I want to enjoy her at this age.  We all sleep better when she's with us (except for the occasional slap in the face) and I feel comforted when she's right there.  Kevin put her in her crib last week and I seriously couldn't sleep.  I just kept checking the video monitor until she woke up at about one in the morning.  There will come a day when she'll think I'm uncool and won't want to hang out with me so I'm enjoying the days when I'm her everything :).

Bianca 7 months 058


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