Thursday, August 21, 2014

Disappear Here

Bernie Dexter Veronique dress in toile print 001

Sorry about the Bernie explosion on my blog lately.  I was saving most of these pictures for later in September to space them out, but I've had zero time to get out and take some new photos.  I've had lots of appointments and Bianca's sprouting her seventh tooth so I'm barely clinging to a normal posting schedule.  I'm glad I have a nice "nest egg" of photos though.  I guess that's the point when you can't get yourself out and take some new ones!

Bernie Dexter Veronique dress in toile print 013

Bernie Dexter Veronique dress in toile print 006

Bernie Dexter Veronique dress in toile print 018

Bernie Dexter Veronique dress in toile print 009

Dress- Bernie Dexter (on sale!)
Shoes- Ruche
Headband- Forever 21

Even though this dress lacks in color, it makes up for it in fit.  I have this dress in another print and it's certainly one of my favorite styles.  I love the neckline and the full coverage in the back.  If I can wear a regular bra with it (extra points if it's a nursing bra) I'm a happy lady.

Tomorrow is officially date night with Kevin!  We haven't been out alone together in months and I'm pretty excited.  My sister graciously offered to watch Bianca for the night.  Since she's out of town for work most days she doesn't get to spend a lot of time with her.  I'm just happy that they'll get to bond together and I'll get to have some of my own bonding time with Kevin.  Let's just hope I can get baby off the brain for a few hours so I can enjoy it!



P.S. I'll be adding more things to my store this weekend!  Keep your eyes peeled :).


  1. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I'm perfectly fine with a Bernie Dexter spam! (: I love the fit of this dress, and the sleeves look like a dream! Oh, and I hope you had a wonderful date night with your husband!

  2. Ohh, that dress, that dress, is so beautiful! Lovely look!
    Have fun with kevin! :)

  3. Bring on the Bernie Dexter! Her dresses are works of art and I never get tired of seeing them. I really love the black and white print, so many remixing opportunities.

  4. Gorgeous! I love the print on it :D Have a great date night tomorrow! ♥

  5. You look lovely. I'm sorry things sound a bit rough and hope you enjoy the night out!

  6. Gorgeous dress! Love the print! Enjoy your date night! :)

  7. What a lovely dress! Bring on the Bernie, I say!

  8. This may be my favorite Bernie dress of yours! The print is so beautiful, and I love the cut of the sleeves. One thing I love about having pink hair is that no look is devoid of color, and you've chosen an adorable headband and stunning shoes to add even more life to this outfit! Enjoy date night tomorrow :)


  9. Oh my, Bianca has seven teeth already? So crazy! Asa has just sprouted his first. I'm curious to see how he'll progress, tooth-wise, since it's always so different with every baby. I hope you have lots of fun on your date night! Going out alone together is so, so nice. Even though you do miss the baby - my husband and I have been fortunate enough to take regular date nights ever since Asa was born, since we live close to my parents and his.

    You look gorgeous! And I totally don't mind all of the Bernie dresses. They're so beautiful, and perfect on you!

  10. Nothing wrong with lots of Bernie dresses in a row! I've loved seeing them. I actually really like the colours of this one and the print is gorgeous. Stunning as ever :) enjoy date night x

  11. I love your Bernie posts, so no complaints there! You do the spinning picture so perfectly, I'm still working on getting a perfect spin photo, it's so much harder than it looks, haha. You look especially lovely in the last photo, love your smile! Hope you have fun at your much-needed date night :).

    xo, Serli

  12. I love toile print, and this dress is really beautiful on you. Black and white is so classic, and the thing that I really like about a simple black and white dress is how much you can play with accessories, like you did with the pops of electric blue.
    Have fun with your date night! I keep telling my boyfriend to tell his brother to start having kids so I can have a niece or nephew to spoil.

  13. I have serious envy of your Bernie Dexter collection. Lately I have been starting to love Bernie Dexter dresses more and more and I definitely think that's because I keep seeing how beautiful you look. I only have two but I can see myself making another purchase in the very near future.

  14. the print on that dress is beautiful! you look so cute

    from helen at // blog sale

    ps. enter my £300 rayban and beauty goodies giveaway! click here.

  15. This dress has such a beautiful print and fit! And hahaha having a nest egg of photos is so nice. I have one right now since I'm not sure if I'll be able to find somewhere to take photos during welcome week!

  16. This dress is so adorable on you! The black and white help make your adorable hair pop even more.

    Little Lady Little City


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