Thursday, August 28, 2014

Glittering Gold

Sidecca Floral Skirt 007

This is the outfit I wore out to our date night last Friday.  We decided to have a nice but lower key dinner so I didn't want to get too fancy.  I thought a cute crop top/full skirt combo would be suitable for our first meal alone together in months.  Of course, I had to add my new favorite heels.  I hadn't even broke them in yet and my feet were just fine all night.  Everything from my outfit to the dinner ended up being perfect.  Hopefully I won't have to wait another few months to do it again!

Sidecca Floral Skirt 004

sidecca floral skirt

Sidecca Floral Skirt 006

Sidecca Floral Skirt 010

Top- Sidecca
Skirt- Sidecca
Shoes- Seychelles
Hair flower- Pinup Girl Clothing

I think Bianca's "cranky" face is the funniest thing ever so I had to sneak that last picture in.  Her endless teething saga continues which makes her upset most days.  She's also crawling all over the house and constantly bumping her head on various items (the coffee table being her favorite).  I guess it's the long way of saying that she's been super moody and it's tiring me out!  I know it's a phase but I'm ready to move on to happier moments.

I didn't realize until today that a long weekend is only a day away!  While my routine doesn't change much, having Kevin for an extra day at home feels like a treat.  It's a mini vacation for me too :).



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