Sunday, August 10, 2014

Baby Blue

Hell Bunny Vanda dress 013

Do you ever put weird restrictions on your style?  I've had it in my head for ages that halter tops were not for me.  When I think of a halter style, I usually associate it with cleavage.  I'm not really one to show that off!  While I've always loved the style of this Hell Bunny dress, I immediately ruled it out because of the top.  I happened to find it heavily discounted and I was really conflicted about purchasing it.  I figured I would give it a shot since it was pretty much half off.  I'm so glad I did, I truly love this dress!

Hell Bunny Vanda dress 011

Hell Bunny Vanda dress 004

Hell Bunny Vanda Dress

Hell Bunny Vanda dress 001

Dress- Hell Bunny
Shoes- Seychelles
Bracelets- Forever 21

These strappy platform Seychelles sandals were on my wishlist for about a year.  Of course, they were way too expensive so I passed on them.  It took another summer to see them pop up again, but this time for seventy five percent off!  I never thought I'd find them at that price (or at all) so it was a wonderful surprise.  It feels like I've been sniffing out all these amazing deals lately.  I guess it's meant to be since I don't have much of an income anymore.  I've always been a bargain shopper but it's especially important now.

Yesterday we took Bianca out with us to brunch.  Considering that Kevin hates going out to breakfast, it was an unexpected compromise.  These days she doesn't sleep through our meals but she does act really well behaved in public.  I know it won't last forever so I'm really enjoying our time with a tantrum free baby.  These days are numbered!




  1. Oooh, I loove this Hell Bunny dress on you!! It's such a great silhouette, and it's actually pretty modest on you (while somehow still showing off your figure). And the shoes are so much fun.

    xox Sammi

  2. It is a super shape and fit on you, very flattering, and the colour is divine!! I know what you mean about weird rules though, I never wore drop waists and then earlier this year I was sent one for review - and I love it! Sometimes rules are made to be broken I guess... x

    1. I'm glad you went out of your comfort zone, drop waists are so cute!

  3. This style is gorgeous on you - what a pretty dress, very flattering and feminine. Whether or not you're going to have excess cleavage can be so hard to judge, but I think a lot of these modern repro type styles are actually quite modest when you try them, despite appearances. You should definitely get some more halternecks if they're all going to look this good on you :) x

    1. It's so true! I think Hell Bunny did a great job cutting this dress in a pretty yet modest fashion. Thank you so much :).

  4. Gosh that is just the most prettiest styled dress and color ever! Honestly, your collection of retro midi dresses amazes me and I always wonder where you get them:) I believe I am a tad too short for them but hey-maybe I'm putting a restriction on midi dresses/skirts and should just go for it like you!
    Just read your post about Bianca's 7 months and she is just the cutest! I babysat for two four month old twins a couple of weeks ago and they seriously melted my heart. Sure, they pooped and spit up on me but they were definitely worth it. Anyway, I love the last picture with her tongue sticking out:)
    xo Olivia

    1. Thanks so much Olivia! I mostly get them at Modcloth, Hot Topic (really), and the vintage ones I get on Etsy. It's certainly worth a try, I think you would look great in a swing dress!

      Wow, babysitting twins must have been a challenge! And just so you know, I'm pretty much always wearing a bit of spit up. It's inevitable!

  5. I've thought about ordering this dress before! It looks amazing on you! :) Hell Bunny is definitely one of the best brands. And that's awesome you got it for a great price!

  6. You look amazing in that halter dress! And the blue complements your hair so well. I'm also starting to be more of a bargain shopper, haha, it takes some skill!

    xo, Serli

  7. what a fun dress - and such a pretty color! so nice to be able to get out with your little one .... once they start walking, all bets are off! they'll never want to stop :)

  8. I've always avoided halters and sweetheart necklines for pretty much the same reason--except that I really have no chest or cleavage, so I'm pretty sure a style like this would just make it pretty obvious that my dresses don't tend to fit that looks absolutely fabulous on you, though!

  9. You look freakin glam here, love it! And the halter looks great on you, I'm glad you decided to give it a try!


  10. I have always kept myself from halters as well, but mainly out of fear that it might come undone! But then I tried one out from my homecoming dress during my senior year of high school and now I kind of feel like they'd be okay, but I still haven't tried out a more casual halter dress. I really should! This one looks really beautiful on you (: I love how the color really pops next to your hair!

  11. Wow! Baby blue looks so fantastic on you dear!! :)

  12. You wear and styled the dress so beautifully! I cannot believe how quickly you've bounced back to that teeny tiny waist after having little miss B!! Also, those glittery shoes are so you. ;)



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