Monday, March 31, 2014

The Way You Are

Modcloth Scissor Sisterhood Skirt

I did it!  I finally dyed my hair back to pink!  I was incredibly anxious to do it again, especially after Bianca was born.  I tried to wait until after my brother's wedding, but my friend is very pregnant and won't be working at the time I would have wanted to bleach it.  So with my sister in law's blessing (thank you!!!) I had it done over the weekend and I'll just be a pink haired bridesmaid.  That's not so bad, right?






Top- H&M
Skirt- Modcloth
Shoes- UrbanOG
Ring- Modcloth

In my last post I was talking about how I'm trying to incorporate more skirts into my everyday wardrobe.  Here is another one of my favorite skirts, mostly because it has a funky print and it's really full.  Because of the longer length I don't have to worry much about an accidental flashing while taking the stroller out of the trunk.  Believe me, it's happened more times than I'd like to admit.  I live in a town where it's windy more days than it's not.  But I'm not complaining ladies, I see your snowy outfit posts and remember how lucky (and spoiled) us Californians are :)

I'm attending a wedding tonight and I'm looking forward to having yet another reason to get dressed up.  On Friday my husband's boss set up a fancy dinner for Kevin and his team.  We took a "party bus" to Beverly Hills and ate at a very swanky steak house.  I indulged in shrimp, escargot, sea bass (I love seafood) and all kinds drinks and desserts.  There was a pretty big earthquake in the middle of dinner but it didn't spoil our time!  But seriously, all these earthquakes are really freaking me out.  There's nothing like being a complete basket case once you become a parent!




  1. Oh, your hair looks gorgeous all pink! And how nice that your sister in law was fine with it.

    Also- that skirt is adorable and beautifully paired with that shirt. I like the subtle frill on the shirt too.

  2. Golly wow! You look lovely! I'm loving the blondish-pink you went for this time. It really suits you and is perfect for spring/summer!

  3. your hair looks fantastic! i am so surprised she gave you the ok! haha, my friend was threatening to cut all of her hair off before my wedding and i put a gentle "no" on that! what a lovely bride and lovely sister-in-law. :)
    ladies in navy

  4. Your hair looks so good! Love the color.

  5. I'm obsessed. This shade is perfect. And I'm loving the skirt.

    xox Sammi

  6. your hair is always so fun! I definitely couldn't pull it off

  7. I feel like a bit of a hair-stalker professing my love on facebook then immediately jumping on here to comment, but OMG it looks so good! If I could try out any other hair color it would definitely be light pink, if only I could convince R its a good idea ;)
    xo Hannah

  8. It's amazing... pink becomes you! You look so happy and I love that skirt... cute pattern. Loves it all!

  9. so pretty I love the softness of the color.. gorgeous!! xxo

  10. Super pretty hair, and I just adore the print on that skirt x

  11. Your hair is the prettiest shade of pink! I love that skirt too, the shape and print are just perfect!

  12. I love the pink! Baby pink is so not my color, but it looks great on you. :) Sounds like you've been having a great time lately. Hopefully it keeps up!

    xo Ashley

  13. Love your hair dear!

    Check out my latest posts on Venoma's fashion diary
    XoXo Venoma

  14. I love your pink hair and it's great to see you have it back. I just feel like it's so YOU if that make sense from a somewhat stranger??

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  15. No doubt the earthquakes are freaking you out.

    So cool you got to go out and have some fun.

    Your hair looks brilliant. I love the pattern on the skirt too.


  16. OMG amazing hair!! Love the colors :D


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