Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pretty in Pink


I promised myself I'd try to do a lot more layering this year.  For one, you can extend your wardrobe.  And two, I just don't wear my skirts too often.  I realize I have more skirts than I could ever wear but they pretty much collect dust in the closet.  Throwing on a dress takes much less thought (after you pick the perfect one).  Putting an outfit together with more than one article of clothing takes some planning and I'm determined to challenge myself more often.  






Dress- Gift from Jessica (via Modcloth) (remixed)
Skirt- Ebay (remixed)
Shoes- Steve Madden
Sunglasses- Quay
Bracelet- gift

These sunglasses were a birthday present from my husband.  I had been lusting after them for about a year (before they graced Keiko's face) when my friend Ashley wore them.  She's super cute and stylish and gave me the link to buy them.  At the time I was pregnant and felt too guilty to spend money on myself.  It was a wonderful surprise when Kevin decided to get them for me :).  I don't wear them too often, they are literally electric pink, but they always pump up an outfit when needed.

I've figured out  routine when taking outfit photos with Bianca.  I'll usually set up my tripod and take some test shots with her.  Once I get it right, I put her down in her playpen and shoot as quickly as I can!  Sometimes the test shots are cute and I'll include them in my post like I did above.  She's just too cute!

I'm getting my hair done on Saturday and I'm so very excited!  I haven't dyed my hair in almost a year so I can't wait to have something new.  I'll show you in a post next week!

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